Multiple Deportations Fail to Prevent Mexican Pathology

Modern Heretic
June 26, 2015

Maybe we can get this creature to vote for Rand Paul.
Maybe we can get this creature to vote for Rand Paul.

We need a lot more foreign invasion, more saw-offed racial and cultural aliens bringing their third world failure with them. Just ask any wealthy jew. They’ve destroyed entire communities in the name of becoming slightly more wealthy and, of course, hurting the hated White people.

This obvious and blatant attack on our country is being endorsed by most paycheck conservatives and at best faces timid and “I’m not races, but…” opposition. The flood of brown sewage continues, the timer ticks down on the demographic bomb, there is no serious resistance to this unprecedented national suicide. The best we can do is put the may-hee-can in front of a “races” judge when it finally kills a White man.

Must be a "Young Republicans" meeting.
Must be a “Young Republicans” meeting.

News 9:

Authorities confirmed Wednesday morning that a man, accused of causing a crash that killed local sports journalist Bob Barry Jr., had previously been deported three times.

Third time is not the charm for this piece of alien dog shit. Just stroll back across that open border and resume the looting and killing. It’s the right thing to do. The good book says…

Gustavo Castillo Gutierrez, 26, has been charged with causing an accident without a valid driver’s license and drug possession on Tuesday.

You might wonder what this completely worthless turd was doing in our dead nation. Seeking a better life in the “non-violent” illegal narcotics trade? Sucking welfare? Voting for Loser Party sodomite Lindsey Graham?  Yes, we need a lot more of this.

The fatal crash occurred on Saturday. According to police, Barry was on his motorcycle in the left lane on May Ave., near Memorial, when Gutierrez was driving in the right lane. Police said Gutierrez made an illegal U-turn in front of Barry, and Barry was thrown from the motorcycle after crashing into Gutierrez’s car.

Another forgotten victim of the endless War on Whites, the long campaign of White genocide that has been silently raging in our dead homeland ever since the disastrous jewish century. A foreign invader bereft of even the slightest value does what he was allowed in by the jew to do.

ICE officials confirmed that Gutierrez had been voluntarily returned to Mexico three times, twice in 2010, and once in 2013.

Our national sovereignty is a total and complete joke.