Mulatto Terrorist Jesse Williams Promotes Insane Conspiracy Theory, Calls for Negroid Revolution

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 29, 2016

At the BET awards Sunday, mulatto terrorist Jesse Williams gave a whiny – though eloquent – speech apparently demanding that Blacks rise up and overthrow the government.

And why can’t a full-blooded Black give this speech?

Well, because they’re too stupid to speak English fluently.

If I was a Black, I would be ashamed having a man who is less than half Black represent me.

Honestly, it would be just as logical to have Jesse Williams speaking on behalf of White nationalism.

The speech focused on the Jew-created conspiracy theory that White cops and most or all of the rest of society is involved in a vast and extraordinarily well-networked conspiracy to abuse Black people for the end purpose of hurting their feelings.

A key element of this conspiracy theory is that White cops kill Black people on purpose for no reason other than that they dislike the color of their skin. Williams pressed this aspect of the theory, then suggested that Blacks were probably going to have to overthrow the government in order to stop this conspiracy by White people to hurt the collective feelings of Black people by doing mean things.

Honestly guys, I’m one of the world’s number one haters, and I can tell you straight-up that I have no desire to purposefully abuse Black people just to hurt their feelings. And I have an extremely hard time believing that any White person has such a desire, unless they are just generally sadistic.

Just as a rule, I think most people have a lot more important things to do than sit around trying to figure out ways to hurt people’s feelings. I mean, it just isn’t a normal priority that very many people have.

So then to add the second layer of the theory – that this desire to spend time and energy working to hurt the feelings of Black people is shared by some number of thousands or millions of White people who network together to plan to hurt the feelings of Blacks – this gets into something so kooky that I’m unable to even process it.

But this theory has become the defining myth of Black America.

If you take a step back and look at it, it truly is shocking how stupid Black people actually are.

I mean.

How do they even manage to feed themselves?