Mulatto Negress Sent to Prison for Running “Baby Fight Club” at Daycare

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2016


It was a really, really great idea to liberate women and send them to work while their kids go to a daycare center to be raised. I mean, everyone knows that they were oppressed for millions of years by being forced to raise their own kids so that men could have all the fun working.

But of course, there are going to be a few bad apples at the daycare center who will do permanent psychological damage to your children for fun. That’s the price of feminism and diversity.

But it’s a price we’re willing to pay.

Because to not do this would be Nazism, and it would lead to another Holocaust.

And the only real purpose of goyim society is to ensure that Jews are never again gassed to death by the millions in fake shower rooms.

Washington Post:

A judge sentenced a former worker at a day-care center in Woodbridge, Va., to nearly three years in prison for her role in what prosecutors called a “baby fight club.”

Kierra N. Spriggs, 26, had been previously convicted by a jury on charges of abusing 2-year-olds at the Minnieland Academy. She and another Minnieland worker — Sarah A. Jordan, 31 — engaged in several abusive acts, including encouraging the kids to fight each other, feeding them Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, stepping on their toes and spraying them full force with a water hose.

The abuse happened in 2013, and authorities said the exact motive remains murky. But officials with a child protective services agency have implied that it was for their own entertainment.

Were the kids White?

Because in that case, it was probably revenge for slavery, which imo is pretty reasonable tbh.

Even punishing her for it is basically racism.

Other workers at the center testified that they saw some of the abuse, and one said she told management of the abuse months ago. But when no actions were taken, she alerted a child protective services agency.

Minnieland has several facilities throughout Virginia, including ones in Loudoun and Fairfax. It was started by Chuck and Jackie Leopold in the 1970s, according to their website.

At a Thursday hearing, Judge Carroll Weimer issued the sentencing for Spriggs. Jordan has already been convicted and sentenced to roughly two years in prison.

Patrick Foltz, a defense lawyer for Spriggs, argued in court that she lacked a criminal record and that there wasn’t evidence the kids had any lasting injury, according to an article by the Associated Press.

But some of the parents testified in court that their children stopped talking, became closed off and showed aggressive behavior. Other children were said to be nervous about going into their assigned classroom. Prosecutors also said not enough time had passed to know the full impact of the abuse on the kids.

I’m really getting fed-up with people whining about the effects of feminism and diversity.

I mean, we all decided this was the best option when we had the “feminism and diversity” referendum. 98% of people voted that “feminism and diversity should be the defining elements of our society, no matter what the consequences are.”*

So really, there’s no room to complain.

*So is it okay for me to make this joke and assume the reader is aware that it’s a joke, or do I have to write a note that it is a joke? After my Steven Crowder article yesterday, some people were arguing that every joke I make on this website has to be marked with a disclaimer, or I am just a dirty liar. Do most readers want disclaimers on all jokes? Or do most people understand the difference between a joke and a lie?