Mulatto Nazi Rampager had Asperger’s Syndrome, Black Mama was Gun Fanatic

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2015

Called it.


The apparent online writings of the mother of the man who killed nine people at a community college in Oregon discuss guns and the autism spectrum, painting a partial picture of the environment the family lived in, their beliefs and the challenges they faced.

Online posts linked to Laurel Harper, mother of the gunman, are limited and incomplete, but they seem to indicate two things: that her son, Chris Harper-Mercer, had a developmental disorder, and that the family had a familiarity with firearms and gun laws.

On Tuesday, a spokesman for the agencies looking into last week’s fatal shooting told CNN that investigators are aware of Harper’s alleged social media postings and her son’s online writings. Sgt. Jeff Eichenbusch of Roseburg police said that Harper is part of the investigation, just as would be any person who was close to the gunman.

Laurel Harper’s apparent online writings come in the form of posts to several websites, usually about health topics. The bulk of the postings were on forums such as Yahoo! Answers and comments on NurseTogether.

Public records link Harper to the same email address used in these posts from a Yahoo! user calling herself “Tweety Bird.”

The postings, first reported by The New York Times, make references to Harper having a son who has a disorder on the autism spectrum and of the family having strong pro-gun views.

In response to a question posted on Yahoo! Answers three years ago, the account linked to Harper complains about “lame states” that consider a loaded magazine inside the home the same as having a loaded gun.

“I keep all my mags full. I keep two full mags in my Glock case. And the ARs & AKs all have loaded mags. No one will be ‘dropping’ by my house uninvited without (acknowledgment),” the user Tweety Bird wrote.

They are going to have to admit at some point Dylann Roof also either has autism, was on SSRIs, or both.

We do not have a gun problem in America. We have several different problems which are being framed as a gun problem by the Jews who write every single one of these stupid narratives.

The actual real life problems which Jews erroneously label a “gun problem” are:

1) Blacks and other minorities

2) Drugs

3) Autism and other mental health problems and the way mental health is dealt with by the establishment

In other words: guns don’t kill people – minorities, people on drugs, people with mental health problems or some combination thereof kill people.

Basically every single time.

Mercer is probably all three, though it hasn’t come out what illegal or legal medication (if any) he was on.

Very difficult to find a non-addict White male is mentally sound killing someone with a gun. And it is virtually unheard of for such a male to kill someone he doesn’t know intimately (and thus have a reason for killing, right or wrong) with a gun.

Then this autist’s human father has the nerve to come out and blame guns for the actions of his son, which are the result of his own weird action of impregnating an autistic Black woman.

Tell you what, Paddy, you keep your hands off our guns and we'll keep ours off your lucky charms. I thought we already made that deal.
Tell you what, Paddy, you keep your hands off our guns and we’ll keep ours off your lucky charms. I thought we already made that deal.