Mulatto Domino is the Best Part of Deadpool 2

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 19, 2018

Deadpool 2 is really an X-Force movie.

X-Force #1, created by Rob Liefeld, debuted in 1991, when I was 7.

Rob Liefeld is a really white guy, btw.

And his books were made for white kids.

In fact, all comic books were made for white kids. I don’t remember ever seeing a nonwhite in the comic book shop. Although, when I was a kid, America itself was made for white kids, so I don’t really remember seeing nonwhites at all. Anyway, my city had a self-segregated 10-15% black population, and they didn’t show up in the comic book store and there were no comic book stores in their neighborhoods.

I distinctly remember seeing X-Force #1 on the shelf at the comic book store near my school – on the high shelf, in a bag, already marked up because it had sold so fast that they decided to mark up the remaining stock a couple days after it was released. I begged mom, but no way was she spending $12 on a book that was marked $1.50, so I had to wait for issue #2, which they printed more of, and a reprint of issue #1.

Deadpool wasn’t on the original team, but also created by Liefeld so he showed up pretty soon.

He didn’t actually join the team until much later, but whatever – as a fan, having him form the team with Cable after a confrontation with Cable is when he first returns from the future (Cable is from the future) is not offensive. It doesn’t feel like a betrayal of the source material. Comic books are different than novels – because they were serialized, and there were so many different stories, when you make a movie you can pick and choose from the different stories and put together a film that is true to source without following a specific storyline precisely. Unless it’s Watchman, in which case the movie’s changed ending was offensive.

The first Deadpool film was attacked for being too pro-white male. It wasn’t actually pro-white male, it was simply that white males liked it a lot, and were overrepresented in the audience, and this upset Jews.

The film did have a mainly white cast. And it was very reminiscent of the comics, from a time when you could make things which were supposed to appeal to young white men.

So, do-over.

Add some color up in this bitch.

So why not have a sultry mulatto as formerly pale-skinned Domino?



Funny they had to change the color of her lucky eye-spot thing with the color of her skin. In fact, that might be the only thing about this whole situation that makes me happy.

The anti-white press is super-stoked about this new colorful character.

As a white man watching myself be replaced by colored people, both in real life and in entertainment, I am however wondering why it is that while the white star of the film – Ryan Reynolds – looks like a guy I went to high school with, this colorful actress – Zazie Beetz is her name – looks so much different than the colored people I see replacing me in real life.

It is of course because she’s half-white. German father.

This chick is so white in her orientation that she dates a white guy.

And look at the way she’s dominating him. The whole body language of that image.

I’ll bet she fetishizes him in the same way white men fetishize Asians.

I’ll just betcha she does.

The recent colorful edition to Spider-Man was also half-white and conspicuously attractive.

What’s with that?

Isn’t it just more white supremacy to say “yeah, we’ll replace white people… but only with half-whites, who have mainly white features but just a little bit of skin pigment and extra booty”?

Why not have Leslie Jones play Domino?

Or how about Octavia Spencer?

Wouldn’t that be truly revolutionary?

Isn’t the fact that all “black” females cast in sexualized roles are actually mulattos a confirmation of white supremacy? 

If I was black, I’d be kinda mad about that.

But I suppose it isn’t my place to comment.

After all – I’m the one being systematically replaced in my own homeland and entertainment here.

What say should I have?

To rub it in further – just to press home the point of “yeah, we are against white men, this film is not specifically made for white men (although we will take your money)” – Ryan Reynolds recently appeared on the anti-white talk show of Stevie Boy O’Colbert to attack Trump and white men.

So yeah.

Not only can we not have nice things… we can’t have shitty things that we sort of thought were nice because we are so used to shit that something a little bit less shitty seems nice.

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