Muh Holohoax: Jews Offended by Showers

Modern Heretic
September 2, 2015

Nawrtzee free range open-air gassing! Oy, six million lost!

The jew is not exactly know for its stoicism in the face of suffering or even the mildest of insults. Instead we get the wailing, the calls for the destruction of the shkotzim, the demands for more geld to ease the terrible pain of having to do manual labor once, long ago. It’s not surprising this criminal tribe was instrumental in teaching the “minority” how to play the “just give them what they want so they shut up” con game.

Still, the sufferink of the jew is unique and special, grandma up the chimney over and over, the legions of screeching “survivors” and the final proof that all Whites are evil and the campaign of genocide waged against us is fully justified. Back at a soviet reconstruction of a “death camp” the jew is offended again and we all know that means the entire kosher apparatus must spring into action.



Some visitors to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland this weekend were appalled to find that officials running the memorial had installed mist-showers — reminiscent of the sprinklers used in the notorious death camp’s gas chambers —at the entrance to site’s museum.

Just the thing to cool you off after doing some laps in the swimming pool, playing a game on the tennis courts or checking out the new releases at the movie theater.

Museum officials said Monday that they had installed the mist showers over the weekend to help visitors cope with the heat, which had topped 90 degrees. But for some visitors, the devices brought up painful associations.

Let the gentiles sweat it our while they get endless communists lectures. Our hurt feelings over events that never happened are more important.

“As soon as I got off the bus I walked into the shower contraption,” Meyer Bolka, an Israeli visiting the museum, told the Israeli news site Ynet.

Oy, just like when your entire family walked into the bone-crushing contraption.

I walked up to the reception and asked the worker there about the showers, she said it was a hot day. I told her: ‘With all due respect it reminds me of the gas chambers.’ She told me she is very sorry.”

I’m sure this is a highly accurate account of the jewish behavior: no screaming in hebrew, no calling every other human on earth “cattle,” no demands for money, just a polite little conversation with the non-chosen.

Over 1.1 million Jews were executed at the Auschwitz concentration camp during the Holocaust, and many were marched into gas chambers disguised as shower facilities.

The holohoax shrunk.

The museum explained a statement on Monday that the showers were merely a public safety measure taken on one of the hottest days of the year.

Grovel and scrape in front of your enemy, plead on your belly for mercy. It should work.

“It is really hard for us to comment on some suggested historical references since the mist sprinkles do not look like showers and the fake showers installed by Germans inside some of the gas chambers were not used to deliver gas into them,” the museum’s statement said.

Fake showers that don’t deliver gas but are fake anyway, installed by Germans and rebuilt by the U.S.S.R. An Aztec pyramid of stacked bullshit.

“Zyklon B [poison gas] was dropped inside the gas chambers in a completely different way — through holes in the ceiling or airtight drops in walls.”

Come on, use your imagination! Airtight drops in walls! Glass windows and wooden doors! You have to believe this so you’re filled with guilt and want to die as a people.