Mueller’s Incoherent Babbling Proved That He was Nothing But a Goy Figurehead for the Jewish Russiagate Hoax

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2019

Robert Mueller’s embarrassing performance in front of Congress yesterday helped shed light on the fact that the entire Russiagate hoax was a Jewish plot to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States.

As most of you are probably already aware, Robert Mueller finally testified in front of Congress on Wednesday. Based on his pitiful performance, we now know why he never did any interviews or gave any press conferences throughout the course of the Russiagate investigation.

We first got the hint that something was wrong with him when he made a short statement to the press at the end of May announcing that his office was closing. During that press conference, he refused to take any questions from the media while coming off as a confused old man. It is now obvious why he didn’t want to take any questions.

Throughout the many hours he testified in front of Congress, he babbled incoherently and couldn’t answer basic questions about the report that he was allegedly in charge of writing. There were many times when it became abundantly clear that he didn’t even know what was in it.

The most glaring example of this came when he said that he didn’t know anything about Fusion GPS. This despite the fact that this was the research firm that helped produce the discredited Christopher Steele #pissgate dossier. As we know, the #pissgate dossier was at the very center of what kicked this whole thing off.

Another embarrassing moment occurred when he failed to remember that he was appointed to an office by Ronald Reagan.

There’s numerous other examples of Mueller appearing confused throughout the many hours he testified.

The entire episode was painful to watch.

Tucker Carlson’s opening segment last night did a good job of summarizing the insanity we saw.

Same with Sean Hannity’s opening monologue.

But the big takeaway from this circus is that there was no way Mueller was in charge of this investigation or had any meaningful role in writing the report. He was just a goy figurehead installed by Jews so Jews could orchestrate and use this hoax to try and remove Trump from office.

Let’s review just some of the major Jews who were involved in orchestrating and advancing this hoax.

Rod Rosenstein – the Jew Deputy Attorney General who kicked off this fiasco by appointing Mueller as the special counsel to investigate the Russiagate hoax.

Andrew Weissmann – the shady Jew lawyer and Hillary Clinton supporter who was given a managerial role within the special counsel’s office. He is widely agreed to be the one who was really in charge of the Russiagate investigation as well as writing the final report.

Michael Cohen – Trump’s former Jew lawyer who was previously compelled by his fellow Jews to testify against Trump in front of Congress stemming from separate financial crimes he committed. He testified that Trump was a very bad and racist man and decided to turn on him because of Charlottesville. He also made up all sorts of other weird nonsense.

Jerrold Nadler – the morbidly obese Jew who heads the House Judiciary Committee has been one of the main promoters of this hoax in Congress. He helped organize part of the circus we saw yesterday.

Adam Schiff – the obnoxiously smug Jew who heads the House Intelligence Committee has been another one of the main promoters of this hoax in Congress. Like Nadler he also helped organize part of the circus we saw yesterday.

These Jews and others of their kind were aided in promoting this hoax with help from media outlets run by their racial kinsmen. Jewish outlets like CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, The New York Times and many others all promoted this hoax endlessly for the past few years. The dyke Jewess Rachel Maddow on MSNBC was arguably the most vocal of all the Jews in her support of the hoax.

There was also a small army of Jews on Twitter with blue checkmarks next to their name parroting this lie.

And this is the real story about this Russiagate hoax. It was a Jewish plot to remove the President of the United States. There is no other explanation when you consider that Jews represent roughly 2 percent of the population in the United States, yet nearly every major figure involved in manufacturing or advancing this lie has been Jewish.

These Jews thought they could use Mueller as a reliable front man, but that agenda blew up in their faces spectacularly yesterday. It’s really insane to see how stupid Nadler and Schiff were to even make Mueller testify in the first place. He was exposed as a senile old man who exercised no meaningful leadership role in the investigation. All they succeeded in doing was make it abundantly clear to the American people that Mueller had nothing to do with the investigation or drafting the report. There are even people on mainstream cable news openly saying that the Jew Weissmann was the one who was really in charge.

The bottom line is this: If you did not like what the country was put through with this Russiagate hoax, you should be very angry at the Jews. Mueller’s horrendous performance in front of Congress proved without a doubt that Jews were at center of this entire mess. There is no disputing this fact.