MTV Awards Ratings Hit New Record Low, Breaking Last Year’s Record Low (Bonus Meta Insight)

Luis Castillo
El Daily Stormer
August 23, 2018

MTV, 1990

MTV, 2018

There was a time, at some point before the industrial revolution, when entertainment was actually an art, and people actually had to be creative or inspired to become popular.

This is just no longer the case. At this stage of history, the art of appealing to the public has been pretty much gamed out and everything is already figured out. This began to happen years ago, mostly guided by enterprising Jews looking to apply Jewish psychological theories to mass communication, to convince the goy consumer class to buy whatever the goy producer class wanted sold to them.

Read this book, big-brain goys.

Now that we have A/B testing and decades and decades of data from trial and error in mass communications, there just isn’t much room left for guesswork in entertainment, especially in TV and double-especially in movies, which are expensive to produce and so very expensive to screw up.

This is basically why movies have genres, and almost any movie you can see follows a plot that you have already seen in the last ten movies you saw. It would be risking a lot of money to make something new, and it’s considered safer to just make the same thing, over and over, because the data is already in.

Using their great powers of Science, our Jewish TV oligarchs have objectively derived the formula for appealing to the American public, which is about 56% white and about half conservative:

“Annoy the shit out of them, insult them to their faces, and remind of them about politics.”


Fox News:

While presenting at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, Kevin Hart told the audience they were “allowed to kneel,” seemingly referencing how NFL players have been protesting during the national anthem before games.

“[In] this game you’re allowed to kneel,” Hart said while presenting with fellow comedian Tiffany Haddish.

He continued: “You can do whatever you want, there’s no old white men to stop you.”

Hart, 39, also said the award show was like “a typical day at the White House.”

“Beefs pop off, bad language, people run to the bathroom and send out crazy tweets,” Hart said. “It’s basically like a typical day at the White House. In your face Trump, suck it.”

Rapper Logic donned a shirt that read “F— the wall” while singing his song “One Day” with Ryan Tedder. The 28-year-old singer was joined on stage by immigrant leaders, parents and children, all wearing T-shirts that read “We are all human beings,” in protest of the Trump administration’s family separation and detention policy.


According to several anonymous sources with the Council of the Learned Elders of Zion, the original script was to just broadcast two hours of actors, dressed up like Donald Trump, being held in stockades and flagellated during the entire performance by black trannies, while chanting “racists! racists! racists!” on loudspeaker.

However, upon careful consideration, they decided that this might have the unintended effect of making mainstream entertainment completely toxic to about half of the country. They concluded that, not only would this script risk driving their prospective white audience directly into the hands of alternative outlets like the one you’re reading right now, and thereby widen the rapidly growing cultural divide in the West by tearing down any remaining cultural artifacts that everyone could rally around, but they also figured that they would lose a crap-ton of money, by alienating the whites that still form the majority of the television viewing audience in their still majority white country, and who still represent the overwhelming majority of people who even have money to spend on whatever they run ads for.

So, they went with this neutral script instead, aiming for universal appeal and ratings.

The results, of course, were spectacular.

Hollywood Reporter:

For the second straight year, the MTV Video Music Awards drew its smallest audience ever.

Monday’s show drew 2.25 million viewers and a 1.1 rating among adults 18-49. Across eight Viacom-owned channels, it drew 4.87 million viewers and a 2.2 in the demo; both sets of numbers fall short of the 2017 VMAs, which set the previous low.

Just to put this into perspective, the Daily Stormer jumped from 2,700,000 to 3,000,000 people last month (plus God only knows how many people connect through Tor), with English adding 250,000 readers and Spanish adding 50,000. We will continue to grow beyond that. Given these trajectories, we will probably be more widely consumed in a month than the MTV Video Music Awards, by this time next year.

The awards also aired on a ninth Viacom network, TV Land, for which numbers weren’t immediately available. It is highly unlikely, however, that enough people tuned in there to push the VMAs past their 2017 on-air total of 5.36 million viewers and 2.6 rating in adults 18-49.

The 2017 awards also aired opposite a huge Game of Thrones finale on HBO; the heaviest head-to-head competition on cable Monday was WWE Monday Night Raw on USA (1.1 in 18-49, 3.1 million viewers) and an NFL preseason game on ESPN (0.8, 2.66 million).

The MTV-only airing is down 15 percent in viewers and 21 percent in adults 18-49 versus 2017. The simulcast is off about 9 percent in viewers and 15 percent in the demo.

The VMAs suffered even steeper declines among MTV’s core viewership of teens and young adults. In the 18-34 demo, the show’s 1.2 rating fell by almost half — 47 percent, to be precise — from 2.2 a year ago. It declined by similar percentages in the 12-34 cohort.

So, I guess the fact that they have any viewership at all is just because of their legacy audience – which is also falling off – but in the demographic of people who are actually at the age to be interested in this sort of stuff, they basically lost half.

Has their Science! failed them?

I mean, okay – maybe, in retrospect, this was not a good a model for entertaining white people:

I think it’s pretty entertaining though, to be honest.

But, it’s political entertainment.

It’s not clear why they have chosen to abandon their legacy product – music celebrity entertainment – and venture off into political entertainment. Some people just want to forget about the real world for a while, and I don’t blame them. For those who don’t, there are a lot of outfits that are working that niche very well, so maybe it didn’t make sense to try to spoof CNN’s product, instead of just doing music. Bill Maher is genuinely higher quality “fuck white people” entertainment, for people who are into that.

If mainstream pop culture wasn’t spontaneously self-destructing, I would be plotting every day to destroy it, so as to create a cultural vaccum that we could move on in. But, they’re just going full suicide.

That just leaves me with one less thing to plot, which is great.

The Daily Stormer, as a news model, basically relies on white people being subject to constant racial abuse, both by real social conditions – mass immigration, gibs, etc – and by the mainstream media. If they ever stopped doing that, our message would stop being relevant, and so our readership would crumble.

So, on behalf of the Daily Stormer – Thank you, MTV. Thank you. We thrive on this shit.

At least the music is still appealing though, right?

Camila Cabello won video of the year honors at the VMAs for “Havana,” and Jennifer Lopez received the Video Vanguard Award.

I mean, who doesn’t like listening about white women doing sexual tourism with negros in Cuba?

Or, I guess she’s actually Cuban, so she’s singing about just doing non-tourism bestiality in Cuba, and then coming to the United States for some reason?

This gross song about coal-burning and illegal immigration actually has 1,278,000,000 hits on Youtube, so I guess people are still listening to the product itself, even if MTV, the meta-product, has become too insufferable.

This is basically all marketing and almost none of the product itself.

The product itself obviously sucks. “The story of casual sex between a negro and a latinx in a communist hermit country island” is not a product with huge mainstream appeal. As far as the purely music content of this product is concerned, the vocals actually sound virtuosic once they come out of autotune, and yeah, sure – it’s catchy.

But, let’s be real.

Anyone could spoof this style easily. The sound (except for the cringe ebonic rapping) is actually good, but it’s also exactly the same actually good sound as the last ten songs. Its popularity is basically a testament to how many people will listen to a song just because they are aware that it exists, or they already heard it on commercial radio and it got stuck in their head, or everyone else is listening to it.

Why aren’t we making our own music?

What am I even supposed to listen to? Taylor Swift?

She is basically content-neutral.

The Internet just memed her as a literal nazi because it had literally no one else.

She’s a woman, ffs.

Singing is one of the few jobs that are appropriate for a woman to do, but a female singer can never be anyone’s “voice of a generation.” 

A woman is not qualified to speak for a generation of men.

Women are not even qualified to speak in public about most subjects.

Any man who “gets it” could make catchy pop songs about modern white male issues.

You could sing about how women are cheating sluts and there isn’t enough wife material to go around. You could sing about being a minimum wage wagecuck who can’t get a real job like his boomer dad.

You could sing about your simultaneous feelings of generational resentment, and generational inadequacy, because your generation has more faggotry and slutting than the boomers ever did, and that despite the civilizational crisis that the boomers wished into being and neglected, most young men are still worse people than their own fathers, and you know it, and it hurts to know it, but you know it anyway.

You could sing about how your brother had no future, went to jail and overdosed on heroin, or about how your sister got forced into prostitution (implicity by moslems). You could just sing about how you don’t even recognize the place you grew up in, and you feel no connection to your own people.

These are the real, personal issues that define our generation.

The left would hate it, but they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it, because the message, while white and male, would be strictly implicit and so appropriate for mainstream consumption. People would listen to that. Someone could literally reach ‘voice of a generation’ tier with that,

These would resonate with real people on a personal level.

Yet, no one is singing about these issues.

And, don’t even tell me “but country music.” And don’t make me explain why country music is not a valid response to this problem. Go defend pop-rock + meme accents somewhere else.

Also, please do not think that this would have to be slow, depressing, faggy emo music. Anyone could literally just take the catchy pop music style everyone is listening to, and make the words be about something more appealing than burning coal and being an illegal immigrant.

There is obviously a huge, unsatisfied demand for this sort of material.

Do I have to do everything myself?

I just don’t have time. There is only one (1) of me, and there are literally a couple dozen things I could each individually dedicate my entire life to doing, which respond to some huge, unsatisfied demand, but which no one is doing. Apparently, everyone is literally retarded and unable to imagine new useful things, or literally soulless and just gives no fucks about anything.

I guess people who immediately need money work jobs instead of working on creative projects, and people who don’t immediately need money just play vidya or something until they need money.

We do have fashwave, sure.

I guess. Firstly, it’s self-castrating in that it is “literally fascist lol,” which works on the internet, but not in street protests, and also not in music that can be widely popular, because all successful music is personal, not political – even successful political music is only successful because it is also personal.

Aside from the messaging fail, fashwave is  “literally trying to resurrect electronic music as a medium for our ideas.”

This is not a winning model. Purely electronic music has never been really mainstream, because people prefer the personality and emotion of a human voice with a human story.

This will never change.

Fashwave is a dead end in our quest to get our ideas into mainstream culture.

And, look – I’m not trying to say that fashwave isn’t good or that I don’t like it, but what I like is just not a solid measure of what most people will like.

I’m also not trying to say that people making fashwave shouldn’t keep making it.

Some content needs to be made for reasons other than clickbaiting an ADHD public which will chuckle, forget about it, and back to business as normal.

I love you, public. Really.

Mercy on all of you.

Some content needs to be made for a small cohort of people who will deeply appreciate it and improve their own human condition as a consequence.

If it were not for Anglin content like that, if the insight here hadn’t been useful to me personally, I wouldn’t even care enough about this site enough to write for it.

I have literally neglected months of making money, just to write a book which will never be widely popular because I don’t write romance / crime / fantasy novels, not because anyone will ever read it, but simply because it deserves to exist on its own merit.

I am only telling you this so that you understand that I have no high horse to ride on here. When I say that fashwave is, by design, a failure for mass consumption, I myself am consciously guilty of this, and I am guilty of it presently, and I will continue to be guilty of this in the future.

So, yeah – I understand.

We try not to do infighting on the Daily Stormer. You literally have to get arrested for a domestic dispute involving banging your mother-in-law to get a polite disavowal around these parts. If there is ever a time to pick at our own ranks, the Master Chief would have to take the lead on it, and not I, a staff writer, so I’m definitely not looking to take a strong lead on that front.

I will say this, though – the post-election saga of the “alt-right” was basically a cleansing fire that weeded out “people with effective models” from “people with ineffective models,” and I take absolutely no joy in seeing “people with ineffective models” going down with their ships, when they could just figure out that what they are trying to do has basically crippled its own growth potential with inherent design flaws which could be remedied by just objectively comparing them to the models of more successful things.

I don’t write this to hurt feelings, but I feel like it should be said at least once, in case someone reading this is actually thinking of producing content.

If you want to make something successful, imitate what is already successful.

For example, if someone wanted to do radio, they could just look around, find something that is already successful, critically evaluate its core elements, and copy what is useful.

Alex Jones, for example, does successful radio. He has, like, 18.88 million monthly visits.

Yes, that is the exact number. Since Alex Jones has been deplatformed, his most recently statistics are literally praising Hitler. You can figure out what that means if you believe in coincidence – I don’t.

Just how pop songs are a proven, successful model that could be spoofed with the backing of objective evidence, his radio program is also that. You could just cut the ads, change the script to be racist, sexist, homophobic, etc, and keep the red meat of what makes his program work – one guy, high energy, getting PISSED OFF, and producing and marketing soundbytes that can be sold as stand-alone one-bit pieces (no one is listening to your three hour radio program dude, sorry “Alex,” it’s just too long, we have jobs and families, no one has time for that) and throw in a healthy dose of Jesus, America, the Bible, the Constitution, Monster Trucks, The 2nd Amendment, health advice, add women advice, etc.

You know – stuff people are objectively proven to like through prior experience.

Or, I mean, look – you could also just come up with your own idea for music, or your own idea for radio, and hope it works. It might work, if you have a good idea. Some people do have good ideas.

But, you know, some people don’t.

Most of my ideas are bad. I’m just lucky enough to usually discard them, sometimes with a little nudging from my friends, who I am eternally grateful for.

Some people just want an objectively guaranteed way to make popular content.

Like, for example, “physical rallies and protests as a path to mass popularity” IE “pre-charlottesville alt-right” is something that, as far as I know, has never worked – not just for white nationalist politics, but for anyone looking for popularity in any venue. I don’t think doing physical venues has even worked for musicians as an efficient path to popularity, as opposed to just selling records or getting on the radio.

Even for political campaigns, physical venues have mostly just been useful to give the image of mass popularity to consumers of digital media. Like, how many of you have been to a Trump Rally, and how many of you haven’t, but you’ve seen one on TV, or Youtube, or whatever?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

So, retrospectively, “I’m gonna make it big if I do 200 concerts” just isn’t gonna work. The failed protest scene experiment was not “a necessary growing pain for the alt-right,” sorry, but it was literally something whose failure could have been predicted in advance by comparing it to literally anyone who had tried that model, using evidence, and logic.

And there are other guys, now, who are doing things now that will not work, or will not work as well as they should, based on these same, objectively measurable principles of collective past experience, evidence, and logic.

So, please, guys:

We need our own culture.

I can’t do it all myself.

If you are creative, please just spoof things that are proven to work, and maintain all the elements that make them work, with only those modifications necessary to make them suited to white males, and do A/B testing of models.

Or, whatever – you could also not do this, and run with a model that has never worked, for reasons unrelated to how white nationalist it is. I’ve been there too. I get it.

Like, I’m not even in the business to tell anyone how to do their stuff.

If you’re trying to “revive music for white people” or “revive electronic music,” I guess that depends on your own goals. Just, be clear to yourself about what you’re trying to accomplish.

And, look – this is just what I think, and I’m an anonymous guy on the internet, and I love all of you guys, even the ones who go “literally full MTV” in terms of useful models, and fail to reach even half of their potential due to innate flaws in their model.

But, I would love you a lot more if you would please start winning.

I want you to win.

So, now you all know what I think about content creation.

Do whatever.