MTV Airs Defamatory Hate Documentary About Nick Fuentes Using Two-Year-Old Footage

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 11, 2019

On Tuesday night, MTV – which apparently still exists – aired a defamatory hate documentary about Nicholas J. Fuentes, based on two-year-old footage which they had recorded when Nick was 19 and never released.

The full video is above, but this is what they originally announced it with, hours before it aired, on Twitter:

That is one of the most bizarre clips I have ever seen in my life. This is a prison bitch skinhead with neck tattoos getting all aggressive with a nice young lad from the suburbs. If you watched the video without sound, you would think it was this skinhead attacking Nick for not being a hardcore neo-Nazi. The optics of it are simply unfathomable. And the bizarre way it is edited – I have never seen anything like it.

For some reason, the documentary mixes in the adventures of fat black bitches who went to meet a descendant of Robert E. Lee. They claim their mother was killed by Dylann Roof in 2015.

Basically, they’re trying to say this was Nick Fuentes’ fault.

The Lee descendant, who is a pastor, appeared on MTV in 2017 to denounce white people. And the documentary plays the clip of Nick responding to that.

They bleep out the word “cuck,” which I thought was strange.

The show then cuts to the skinhead whackjob featured in the above clip.

Shane Johnson is only 26, but he has already been a hardcore Nazi and been reformed from that, according to this show.

They then cut – there are a lot, lot, lot of cuts – to Nick at an anti-gun rally, being hilarious.

Again, that is from the original footage from February of 2017.

Then we cut to the interview with Nick and the skinhead lunatic.

I was shocked that the editing in the documentary was the same as in the Twitter preview. I thought maybe someone just did that as a promotional clip. Why would someone think jumping from camera angle to camera angle every 1.5 seconds looks good? It gives you a headache.

This guy is so obviously just a low IQ loser who got offered money to shill. He is a pathetic little worm.

This is the only scene in the whole thing where Nick for a few seconds looks bad, because he’s got this aggressive weirdo getting all up in his face, and he gets a little bit shook.

The skinhead does this thing like a black guy where he refuses to make eye-contact, while also making all of these super hostile motions.

Then, alternately, he is looking him straight in the eye in an insane way.

It’s what the blacks do before they pull a knife on you. It is the cowardly, unhinged form of aggressive posturing, and it is the most likely to end in violence. People recognize on a subconscious level that when a person is moving around like this, looking all around the room and refusing to look you in the eye, then alternatively staring at you right in the eye, they’re likely preparing to catch you off-guard with a deathblow.

I assume this guy was in prison and learned this there.

So Nick has a few moments where he looks shook.

That is literally the only way they were able to make him look bad. By sending a (reformed) skinhead gang member in to threaten him.

The film then shows the fat black bitches going to their mother’s grave.

Before cutting to the skinhead getting a tattoo of a demon over his swastika tattoo.

No explanation as to why he didn’t just get the tattoo removed. It’s basically as cheap as getting a new tattoo at this point.

Finally, we see the fat black bitches eating ice cream.

Ironically – or not – there is basically a zero percent chance that these women will die of anything related to white supremacy, while there is more or less a 100% chance they will die of obesity related disease.

So the ice cream is a lot more dangerous than white people, I can tell you that.

Just so, if MTV actually cared about helping black people, they would do much better to produce a documentary about the way obesity is decimating the black community – particularly women.

But of course, this isn’t about helping black people. It is about harming white people.

The documentary was utterly bizarre.

The editing was basically incoherent, not just in the way the specific scenes were edited with the 1.5 second camera angles, but in the way they tied all of these different things together.

But it won’t have any effect. Nick looked good, he looked normal. And anyone can see that Nick isn’t Dylann Roof.

Here’s Nick’s Twitter thread about the documentary, which he posted last night before it aired.

And here’s a fancy treat – Nick streamed the show live last night, and commented on it.

Very funny.

I can reveal that this Jew Wolfe person also contacted me and wanted me to be on his show. I of course did not respond to the email. Or maybe I told him he would have to come to Nigeria and he said no, I can’t remember. It was two years ago and my emails are all set to auto-delete. But I was definitely approached about this.

You never do these things. If they were going to make you look good, they wouldn’t do it at all.

I think Nick knows this now. I guess it’s a lesson everyone has to learn. Except me, I already knew it, and have never subjected myself to any such thing.

I only go on Israeli TV.