MSNBC Wants the Feds to Lock Trump in Prison for Up to 18 Months for Not Testifying in Russia Hoax

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 10, 2018

The kike media outlet MSNBC is now demanding the feds bust down the doors of the White House so they can lock Trump in prison if he doesn’t testify in front of a grand jury over the Russia hoax.

I cannot even begin to understand why people still watch these Jew idiots. There is no reason for anyone to ever watch their broadcasts unless it is to insult them.

It’s one thing to lie and spread propaganda. That I can understand, people can of course be tricked and they have always been told that these outlets are trustworthy.

It’s a completely different thing to demand a sitting president be locked in prison for up to 18 months if he doesn’t address a crackpot conspiracy theory in court.

What’s worse, people are either unwilling or incapable of donating to news outlets not spreading a bunch of crazy shit.

It gets tiring.