MSNBC Moslem Calls White Americans “Terrorists”

Mehdi Hasan, an Islamic commentator for MSNBC, has called Donald Trump’s supporters “domestic terrorists,” as he was talking about the Fake President Joe Biden’s plan to fight against white people.

Hasan said:

It went from abstract theory to seeing white supremacy in action, seeing domestic terrorism on our TV screens, two weeks to the day before a new president is sworn in. I think that is so important. Isn’t it ironic, that you had all these candidates ran for president on the democratic side, it was the old establishment white guy who won. An old establishment white guy who had a pretty bad record on race and working with segregationists in the Senate.

And yet he launched his campaign with an ad, with a video about Charlottesville and ‘very fine people on both sides.’ He was the guy in the debate, we talk about Donald Trump saying to the Proud Boys ‘stand back and stand by,’ it was Biden who prompted him, who provoked him, into saying it. It was Biden who named the Proud Boys who said ‘condemn them.’ So he has made fighting white supremacy part of his campaign from day one.

You mention the DOJ, we got the speech today that mentions white supremacy. This is not some fake bipartisan unity. Now of course what will we see, there is always a danger that Biden will revert to form and say ‘they had an epiphany, Trump is gone, work with me all of you in the Senate.’ Actually we need to keep up the pressure on the white supremacist. Look Donald Trump is no longer on Twitter and the gatherings weren’t huge, but it is not gone away. In fact we saw under Obama: the paranoia, the gun sales.

Having a black women as vice president, these people are not going to stop being angry or violent. Now is not the time to suddenly let our guard down, even though it was great to see normalcy in Washington D.C. today.

Imagine a Moslem calling White Americans terrorists.

What’s next?

Are the Jews going to accuse us of having hooked noses?