Jewish MSNBC Host Calls for the FBI to Entrap White Nationalists from the Internet in Bombing Plots

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 24, 2020

Well, this is ominous.

Katy Tur, a Jewish MSNBC host, spoke this week with Frank Figliuzzi, the former Deputy Director of Counterintelligence at the FBI, about this supposed threat of rising White Nationalism.

During the interview, she posed quite a question.

“When you’re looking at ISIS or you’re looking at radical Islamic terrorism, I covered a number of stories where the FBI would track young kids or young men and they would talk to them online and say ‘you know, here’s how you build a bomb,’ or ‘here’s where you get your bomb making materials,’ and they track that person as that person radicalized and then arrested them before they could do anything bad,” Tur said. “Why is the same not being done for white extremists or is the same being done and we just don’t know about it?”

Figliuzzi did not immediately burst out laughing at the Jew woman, as would have been appropriate, but instead answered in the affirmative, saying that it was high time that the FBI started entrapping young men from the internet in bombing plots.

Of course, they are already doing it. That’s what Atomwaffen/”The Base” are – law enforcement entrapment rackets.

Some of you people think I’m too much of a hardass talking about the feds being everywhere on the internet and trying to stir up violent sentiment, but we’re at the point where they are now just going on cable news and openly justifying entrapment plots against political dissidents. So there isn’t any need for speculation – this is the game plan.

You have to be extremely careful who you communicate with on the internet. We have no idea how many of the internet personalities are in communication with the feds. What we do know is that the feds contact all of them, and I know of very few who have openly admitted to having been contacted. So if the person doesn’t come right out with it, what does that mean?

I don’t know.

But I know that after the synagogue shootings, after the Wal-Mart Mexican shooting, you’re now in a situation where the feds have totally unlimited funds, and they are looking to justify that budget. Be very, very, very careful.

They want to put us all in prison for our thoughts, and all this bullshit about terrorism is just the excuse.

We are now their top priority. The number one goal of the FBI is to stop white people from talking about Jews on the internet. Take this all very seriously.

Don’t get sucked into a black hole of paranoia, but understand that this is not a game.

The stakes could not be any higher.