MSNBC Host Attacks Pence’s Masculinity and Sexual Virility After Debate

Of course to insult you, a woman is going to start talking about your sexual performance abilities.

During a panel discussion on MSNBC with cunts Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid, cunt MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace insulted Vice President Mike Pence’s sexual virility in commenting on his debate performance.

The bitch Wallace claimed that white women have “fled” President Trump, claiming that the Republicans now only have men supporting them.

She then began to attack Pence’s masculinity, focusing on his sexual abilities.

“The problem tonight is that Vice President Pence appeared flaccid and anemic – and that’s going to hurt him with men,” Wallace said. “I mean, the only people they have in their coalition after last week’s barnburner from Trump were the sort of grievance voter that is a vocal and animated part of the Trump base. This performance will not land well with them.”

This is no different than saying, “Mike Pence can’t get a girlfriend, he’s an incel,” or “Mike Pence has a small penis.”

It’s vile.

Women are vile.

They should not be allowed in public life.

For a woman, everything is about sex, because the entire purpose of her existence is to get pregnant. So everything she looks at, she considers: “how does this affect my agenda to have sex? Can I have sex with this man? Can I keep him around after I have sex with him? Is he worthy of having sex with me? If I insult him, will he flinch, and show he is weak? Or will he dominate me, proving he is worthy of accessing my vagina?”

It’s absurd and it is silly. Women have no purpose being involved in anything other than getting pregnant. We have to get them out. They are destroying our entire civilization on their Infinite CockQuest.