MSNBC: Ebola Travel Ban Plan is Racist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2014

The MSNBC show hosted by Black Feminist Melissa Harris-Perry – a show which is mainly watched by /pol/ readers, and very often appears to have been written by the same – featured a panel on Ebola, wherein it was claimed that attempts to seal the borders of Africa would be racist.

Guests Laurie Garrett of the Council on Foreign Relations and Frankie Edozien, New York Times columnist and editor of The AFRican Magazine, first spoke of the horrors of slavery (in reality, the best thing to ever happen to Africans), before going hardcore:

GARRETT: “I was on Capitol Hill yesterday. I spoke to lot of the political leadership of the United States and I have to say I was stunned by how many felt the solution was to completely cut off Africa. no visas. no travel. Keep them out. And this is completely missing the point. The hysteria should not be about one person in Dallas. What the world should be hysterical about is that Africa is facing its greatest catastrophic crisis arguably since the days of slavery. This could turn into carnage across a whole region if the world does not assist immediately.”

EDOZIEN: “That would never work. Keeping them out would not work. And the idea that you can keep out a whole group of people who are America’s partners, whether we like it our not, West African nations are partners with this country …”

GARRETT: And trying to do that racist. Let’s us be frank about it.

EDOZIEN: Exactly. It’s borderline racism and fear.