Mr. President, Minnesota Already is a Refugee Camp

Thank you, Mr. President, for not wanting the Midwest to be a refugee camp.

Fox News:

President Trump told a crowd of supporters in Bemidji, Minnesota that Joe Biden “will turn Minnesota into a refugee camp.”

The president hit refugees, in particular Somali nationals, who committed crimes in the U.S. There are 43,000 Somalis living in Minnesota.

“Biden has promised a 700 percent increase in the importation of refugees from the most dangerous places in the world,” Trump remarked. “Biden will overwhelm your children’s schools, overcrowd their classrooms, and inundate your hospitals in the middle of a global pandemic. Biden has even pledged to terminate our travel ban on jihadist regions – opening the floodgates to radical Islamic terrorism.”

Just imagine looking at the current state of America and saying, “you know what this place needs? More refugees from the poorest countries on earth.”

Not cool, Mr. Joe.

My Administration is keeping terrorists, extremists and criminals OUT of our country. Just today, we deported dozens of Somali nationals charged or convicted for grave crimes – including rape, assault, robbery, terrorism charges, and MURDER,” he continued.

Trump also described his opponent Joe Biden as “wholly-owned and controlled by the left-wing mob,” noting that he’d opposed sending in the National Guard.

“Biden said nothing when the Minneapolis City Council voted to abolish its police Department,” Trump told the crowd. “After Congresswoman Ilhan Omar called the Minneapolis Police a ‘cancer’ that is ‘rotten to the root,’ Biden proudly accepted her endorsement.”

Minneapolis City Council members, who just two months ago moved to eliminate the police department, sounded the alarm during a Wednesday meeting about a surge in crime seen by their constituents.

“These are Democrat-run disasters. Look at Chicago, look at Portland, look at you with Minneapolis,” Trump said. “Are they still trying to get rid of their police force in Minneapolis? They never learn.”

Trump accused Biden of supporting “every disastrous global sellout for half-a-century – including NAFTA, TPP, South Korea, and China’s entry into the World Trade Organization.”

“If it were up to Joe, bin Laden and Soleimani would still be alive, ISIS would still be on the rampage, Iran would control the Middle East, and China would now be the dominant power in the world,” Trump continued. In his next term, he promised to make the U.S. the “manufacturing superpower of the world” and end reliance on China.

Trump made the lofty promise to “provide school choice to every parent in America.” Expansion of vouchers, tuition tax credits or similar forms of choice have thus far in his presidency failed to make it out of Congress.

Trump said Biden is “too weak to control his people,” and “couldn’t put two sentences together.”

I haven’t seen him do one sentence in the last three years, let alone two.

He hit his opponent for spending much of the pandemic at home, and holding small, socially distanced events when he’s in public.

“You know why he does the circles? He can’t draw a crowd he has like four or five people in a circle that way he doesn’t have to be embarrassed.”

Trump pivoted to his former opponent, Hillary Clinton, and a “lock her up chant broke out amongst the crowd. “She deletes her emails aoc gets rid of $2 million nothing happens,” the president said. “Pelosi goes out says you know i think ill have my hair done,” he added, referring to the San Francisco hair salon controversy.

A solidly blue state for the past half century, Minnesota became an unquestioned presidential battleground on Friday as President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden fought for working-class voters in dueling events that marked the beginning of early voting.

Trump touted that he had “rescued” the Minnesota Range after his opponent “wiped out” and gave the jobs to foreign countries.

I do appreciate the shoutout to Minnesota’s Somalian problem. I am from Columbus, Ohio, and we have the spillover of these bulbheads.

But this is not a future problem, it is a current problem. We need to be figuring out how to get rid of these dark aliens, not simply stop more from coming.

I will agree that the idea of more coming is actually unfathomable.

I am not a racist and in fact I’m very politically correct, but what I will tell you is this: as a matter of fact, that has nothing to do with racism, Somalians are literally subhuman savages. There is no conceivable reality in which any white person says, “I love Somalians! I would like to have more of these creatures living in my home area!”

Well, maybe a woman would say that – but hey, I said “no person,” and we’re really having a hard time with this whole “women are people” idea.

Trump is calling his rallies “The Great American Comeback.”

I like that.

Speaking of music, have you heard the new rap music track from the Somalian rappers “Bulbhead” and “Bugeyez”?

The song is called “The Somalian Dream.”

(First verse, Bulbhead)

They call me Bulbhead nigga 
I got a bulbhead, nigga
Bright ideas, poppin a bulb
At the welfare office, I’m takin it all
I’m in America nigga, I’m livin the dream
Pussy, guns, drugs n welfare green

Found me in the water, said “we got a floater”
White bitches at da club thought I was a joker
Now they the cut up, bleedin out on the street
Somalia nigga, you know we bringin the heat

We came to your place with refugee status
Lotta niggas move dope, but we move it the fastest
I’m stayin alive with that welfare dollar
I got 4 wives, each one pushin a stroller 


I kill white people, won’t ever get caught
We’re takin over America, it’s a global jihad

I kill white people, I think it’s a joke
If you got white skin, give up on hope

Yo, yo, yo – gonna let my little nigga Bug Eyez blast on yall niggas

(Second verse, Bugeyes)

Yo yo yo yo

They said I got bug eyes
That makes it easy ta see ya
Me and the niggas ride
It be easy to bleed ya
Of all the welfare cash
I keep stacks in my stash

I came in here on a refugee visa
Got it from a white bitch by the name of Lisa
She said America needs more diversity
What I did to her pussy was a perversity
That bitch gave me such good head 
My eyes bugged outta my head
And now I’m seein red
I wanna see white people dead

See, I mean – they’re good rappers, but all of these songs are about killing whites and stealing welfare money.

We can’t have it, folks.