Mr. Plinkett’s Star Trek: Picard Review

You may remember my incredible Star Trek: Picard reviews, which were amazing and fantastic, and resulted in a funny event where they became some of the top recommended articles on Google News and some fat guy got angry.

Well, I was thwarted in my quest to review the entire Start Trek: Picard series by the plot of Star Trek: Picard. I just simply couldn’t make it through these voyages of JL and his misfits. I still have not watched the last episodes.

But I have watched the Mr. Plinkett review of the entire series, and unlike the show itself, it is extremely enjoyable.

Mr. Plinkett goes through the entire series, and hits all of the plot holes.

We are all stressed out right now, what with the apocalypse happening all around as we’re locked in our houses because of a virus hoax. This 94-minute review is something that will be almost as entertaining to people who haven’t seen the show and know nothing about Star Trek as it will be to those who had their childhood destroyed by this show. You may consider turning your thoughts away from all of this stressful business and watching this thing.

It is necessary for adults to face reality head on and deal with problems that affect them and those that they care about. However, we should remember that if people do nothing at all but deal with problems, they will eventually start to burn out, which will make them less efficient at dealing with problems. Even if you don’t want to watch my recommended entertainment media, you must make a point to strategically extract yourself from constant thoughts of the apocalypse for the sake of your own mental health and the sake of your efficiency in contributing to our collective struggle.