Mozambique: White Supremacy Kills At Least 17 in Garbage Avalanche

Daily Stormer
February 20, 2018

White Supremacy strikes again!

It’s unclear how exactly Whitey did this, but the reason should be obvious to everyone – jealousy of how the high-tech Wakandan shacks are so much better than anything any White people ever built.

Daily Mail:

At least 17 people died after being buried alive in a 50ft-high pile of garbage when the filth fell on top of their homes in Mozambique.

That garbage was racist!

 Heavy rains triggered the partial collapse of the huge mound of waste which crashed on top of seven houses in the Hulene neighbourhood in the outskirts of the country’s capital Maputo.

Yeah, that’s the official story.

But most likely, a bunch of White racists went and skied on it just to make it collapse on the poor oppressed blacks.

It’s exactly the kind of thing these racists do all the time.

Locals salvaging a Vibranium-powered couch

The impoverished area sat right beside a landfill site and authorities fear more bodies are buried beneath the rubbish.

If math wasn’t so racist, they could’ve given an estimate of how many exactly.

The huge pile of waste rose to the height of a three-story building, according to reports, and the collapse happened at around 3am on Monday.

The houses were built illegally and authorities had previously asked the residents to leave, officials said.

‘We will keep searching for bodies buried underneath the garbage pile.’

Land pressure in many African cities leads some people to squat on land they do not own as they seek higher wages available in urban centres.

The dwellings are sometimes built on land that is marginal or unsafe.

Where were these oppression-internalizing authorities expecting them to go to?

Did they forget that White supremacists changed the maps to make Africa smaller, and now Africans are all cramped up like sardines?

This is what an institutionalized system of oppression looks like

But rest assured, this vile racism is gonna come to an end soon.

Now that Africa has surpassed the rest of the world’s technological level, as seen in the critically acclaimed Black Panther movie, these poor oppressed people can finally break the shackles and take back their continent and live in peace and prosperity that White people are incapable of even imagining.

Just you wait and see…

The future is now