Mother of Raped and Murdered 6-Year-Old Girl is Infatuated with 16-Year-Old Killer, Wants to Visit Him

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 13, 2019

This girl:

Was brutally raped and murdered by this 16-year-old:

And her mother now has the hots for him.

Yes, this is happening.

I previously wrote about the initial defense of the boy β€” which made a lot of senseΒ β€” but he has since admitted to the rape and murder. He showed no remorse and basically said he did it for fun, which may or may not have anything to do with the mother of the dead girl now wanting to have a one-on-one meeting with him to “look into his eyes” and stuff.

Take a look at this example of women’s dark nature.

Daily Mail:

The distraught mother of brutally murdered Alesha MacPhail has declared she wants to visit her daughter’s killer in prison.

Georgina Lochrane is determined to visit the teenage murderer, Aaron Campbell, who killed her six-year-old daughter and ‘look into his eyes and ask why’.

This is the first indication of her sexual interest. Yes,Β I literally mean Georgina Lochrane is sexually interested in him. This isn’t a figure of speech or some abstract “curiosity” thing, this is literally “get him to put his penis in her vagina” attraction. She wants to have his babies, presumably to replace the one he took from her.

The boy already told everyone he did it for fun and a judge even blasted him for laughing during trial after he was jailed for life.

You could say the killer made it pretty clear that he gave no fucks.

Campbell, who was compared to serial killer Ted Bundy throughout his trial, has recently lodged an appeal against his life sentence.

The 16-year-old only admitted the sadistic rape and murder of Alesha, which left her with 117 injuries, shortly before a judge sentenced him to life imprisonment with a minimum 27-year term.

The judge, Lord Matthews, dubbed the murderer a ‘cold, callous, calculating, remorseless and dangerous individual‘.

Some court sources believe that Campbell has only launched an appeal to force Alesha’s loved ones to have to listen to the gruesome details of her murder once more.

How the killer was described is the second indication of Georgina Lochrane’s sexual interest in her daughter’s killer.

Georgina Lochrane when hearing about her daughter’s killer.

Ted Bundy is widely considered hot by women.

Frontholes love men who are “cold, callous, calculating, remorseless and dangerous,” so using those terms to describe the killer isn’t helping keep the vagina of the mother of his victim from tingling.

Ms Lochrane is determined to confront the 16-year-old killer.

A family source told the Sunday Express: ‘The evidence was so horrific that many of the details couldn’t be reported.’

The source recalled how Ms Lochrane was forced to listen to the horrific murder of her daughter in minute detail while Campbell denied it, only for him then ‘to admit to it and admit he enjoyed it’.

They added: ‘When he was sentenced and led down to the docks he stared at Georgina, he dared to stare at the mother of the child he had brutally slain.

Third indication.

He looked into her eyes after saying he enjoyed brutally raping and killing her daughter and laughing during trial. She most likely masturbated to the memory of that look he gave her while being taken away, and can’t get his penetrating eyes out of her head.

Campbell was deemed to be of sound mind when he committed the murder and showed no remorse.

But a defiant Ms Lochrane is still set on finding out why Campbell raped and murdered her daughter.

The family source added: ‘She wants to sit opposite him, look into his eyes and ask why. She feels it is her right.

‘She will show that monster he will not win and she will do all she humanly can to keep him caged up as long as possible.’

Silly people. There’s nothing to find out. She already knows why he raped and killed her daughter because he told her. He told everyone that he did it because he wanted to, because he thought it would be fun and he ended up enjoying it. He laughed multiple times during trial.

What Georgina Lochrane wants is to have him in front of her one more time because she’s obsessed with him. Her darkest fantasies and lowest instincts were awakened by that look he gave her and now she can’t stop thinking about him “raping” her too.

This Lochrane slut is most likely deeply conflicted by this. She’s horrified by what he did to her daughter but she’s also strongly attracted to him because of it, and it is probably driving her madΒ β€” so mad that she’s now looking for bullshit excuses to see him one more time.

Now’s the time to answer two important questions here.

Do you think the killer will bang Georgina Lochrane?