Mother of Dead Marine Calls Into Radio Show, Denounces Biden, Says Death had No Meaning

This really sucks for this woman. And the dude’s pregnant wife.

They told her that her son didn’t die in vain, but then what did he die for? Rimjobs?


The mother of one of the 13 US servicemen who were killed in Thursday’s terrorist attack at the Kabul airport has called into a radio show to excoriate President Joe Biden as a “feckless, dementia-ridden piece of crap.”

“This was an unnecessary debacle that could have been handled properly,” Kathy McCollum, mother of deceased US Marine Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum, told radio host Andrew Wilkow on Friday. “They had months and months to remove everyone from Afghanistan, and they chose not to. And so they sent in . . . 6,000 troops, and my son, through the laws of statistics, my son was one of the ones who just got blown up in a freaking terrorist bomb yesterday.”

The Colorado mother said she chose to voice her reaction publicly, as “I couldn’t just sit by idly because I think I need to process through anger instead of tears.” She said her 20-year-old son, a newlywed, was getting ready to come home to be with his wife and witness the birth of his child in September but was instead among the troops that the Biden administration rushed to Kabul to aid in evacuations of Americans and Afghan allies as the Taliban took control of the country even before the US could complete its withdrawal.

Here are some of the clips.

It’s kind of incredible the White House didn’t call.

That’s like “wow, what?”

I get that Biden has a hard time talking or whatever, but it seems like someone else could have called. If Kamala would have called and just been polite, that likely would have prevented the optics of the mother condemning Biden.

At this point, a military death is basically a workplace accident. Celebrating it as something other than that is just nuts. But it’s a workplace accident where your work is forcing brown people to give each other gay rimjobs, and there are zero safety standards so you just get blown to bits randomly.

This is a lot more humiliating than dying in a coal mine collapse, or falling off of a ladder at Walmart.

A woman can have some dignity if she says “my son was stocking cereal boxes at Walmart and he fell off the ladder broke his neck.”

Conversely, if she says “my son was in the middle of some shithole in Central Asia working to try to force Moslems to ram their penises in each other’s rectums and be ruled over by women, and he was overseeing the process of loading a bunch of illiterate poor people onto a plane to come live on welfare in America and he got blown up because there wasn’t any security” – then that’s just humiliating.