Mother of 10 Wants to Make 2 More Babies with Her Pastor Husband

Courtney Rogers, mother of 10.

There’ll come a time in the near future, after the Great Coronavirus Collapse, where men will have to force women to breed if the human species is to survive.

Lucky for women, pregnancies make them happy.

Daily Mail:

A mother who’s had 10 children in 10 years with her pastor husband, is keen to increase her brood to 12 – just like the couple in the 2003 Steve Martin comedy, Cheaper By The Dozen.

Courtney Rogers, 36, who was a virgin bride when she married Chris Rogers, 32, in October 2008, has not been without a baby bump for more than nine months since tying the knot.

The couple who live in Santa Fe County, New Mexico, have just one ‘date night’ away from their children each year. They have six boys and four girls aged between nine months and ten years, all of whom are home-schooled and ferried around their neighborhood in a 15 seater van.

The family lives on a 12 acre plot, spending around $1,200 (£975) each month on food. In January the family went on an economy drive in order to save money; they stopped eating out and making fun purchases, because it was costing them well over $1,000 (£812) a month.

The children are happy to wear hand-me-down clothes and shoes, and the family shops in the sales to cut costs. Once a year they enjoy a family holiday for a week, camping near relatives in Georgia, 1,500 miles away – which costs them $1,000 (£812) for travel and expenses.

At Christmas, Courtney and Chris forgo presents for one another, so they can spend $1,000 (£812) on gifts for their children.

The couple love their life as part of a massive family and have no desire to stop having children any time soon.

‘We want to have more if we can,’ said Courtney, whose youngest children Caydie and Coralee were born just 361 days apart.

‘We want to have 12 children, a family of 14 even.

‘My husband is the eldest of 10, so before we got married, he joked about having as many as his mother had.

‘The kids want us to be like the film Cheaper by the Dozen, where the parents compromise their careers to raise 12 children.

‘Having several kids in diapers at once and having lots of strollers – this is normal life to us.’

Keeping two bottle-fed lambs, dogs and chickens on the 12 acres of land where they live, neither Chris or Courtney who were both home-schooled, find teaching their children a chore.

I love having them with me all the time and seeing them learn and knowing what they are learning,’ said Courtney, who also teaches local children at her church on Sundays, but is not currently doing so due to the coronavirus lockdown.

‘I can adapt the lessons to each child and I don’t have to make them sit for hours all day. I love how it’s flexible and the kids can run around outside or feed the lambs between lessons.

‘I’m more like a tutor. I’ll set the children work to do and they will come up to me and ask me questions about it. I’ve often got a baby in my arms, or I’m changing a nappy and I’ll have four kids queuing up to ask me a maths question.’

Since meeting through mutual friends at a church camp in Georgia in 2007, Courtney and Chris have become soul mates.

There is no such a thing as a soul mate.

You cannot figure out a working framework to navigate heterosexual relationships without ASKING THE QUESTION.

The question is “what is the purpose of heterosexual relationships?”

Your ability to keep a woman interested in you is directly correlated to the amount of time that she spends pregnant with your babies because the purpose of humans feeling attraction towards the opposite sex is procreation.

If procreation fails, sexual relationships fail.

When a relationship drags over time with a suboptimal number of pregnancies, the subconscious mind is prompted to search elsewhere for someone to fulfill the biological imperative of reproduction for the same reason people are naturally repulsed by visual displays of infertility.

Women’s brains cannot make their genes understand that they’re not getting pregnant because of contraception, and they’ll do what they always do: blame the man.

In her eyes, if she’s not pregnant after a couple of months of having sex with you, you’re infertile and thus useless to her.

Despite all of the liberation and empowerment talk against pregnancies, women are really happy when they’re growing babies inside of them, and you making them pregnant is very important to them on a deep, instinctual level.

Courtney, who has never suffered with morning sickness, continued: ‘I love being pregnant. I love growing another person inside me, thinking about what they will be like and picking out names.’

Unhappy about using birth control, although she swears it is not for religious reasons, Courtney is adamant that her massive family is a personal choice.

‘Some people think it’s for religious reasons, but it’s not,’ she said. ‘I am the only mother at our church who has lots of kids. I think the most anyone else has is four.

‘I have never been comfortable going on birth control, as I don’t like the idea of taking a pill.’

When your post-apocalyptic rape gangs start raping, you and your men need to understand that rape is a weapon.

The act of raising one’s sword isn’t good or bad on its own.

It is about the purpose behind the act.