Mother Goes into Labor as she Steps off the Plane from Abu Dhabi, Newborn now a U.S. Citizen

Daily Mail
July 19, 2013


Baby Adam Alghoul has started out his life with a jet-setting adventure – and a dual citizenship.

The newborn came into the world on the floor of the international terminal at O’Hare Airport in Chicago Wednesday after his mother prematurely went into labor upon getting off a plane from Abu Dhabi. 

Inam Alghoul and her husband traveled 7,200 miles from their home in the United Arab Emirates after the woman had received clearance from two different physicians to go on vacation 31 weeks into her pregnancy.

Baby Adam was due September 17, but the impatient infant had other plans.

‘Too much pain started suddenly and I told him [husband], “I don’t want the luggage. Call an ambulance. I don’t know what’s happening,”‘ Mrs Alghoul told CBS Chicago, referring to her arrival at O’Hare.

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