Mother From “Iconic” Tear Gas Photo Speaks Out

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
November 27, 218

The abusive mother who put her children in danger while trying to break into the U.S. because she wants American gibs, photographed above, spoke out about the border assault.

Her name is Maria Meza, and according to Reuters, she has 5 children.

Well I felt sad, scared and wanting to cry. That’s when I grabbed my daughters and started running. At that moment I thought I was going to to die with them because of the gas. We ran and we fell into the mud and struggled to get up amidst the gas. A young man gave me his hand and pulled me up to my feet.

I wasn’t expecting it. We never thought they were going to fire these bombs where there were children, because there were lots of children, not just mine. There were more children with mothers there. They also started running too just like me.

It wasn’t right, they know we are human beings, the same as them.

Why does she feel the need to state that she’s human?

Very few people end up in a position where they are required to explain that they are human.

It wasn’t right that they did that to the children.

If this Maria Meza orcblin (gorc?) wasn’t so greedy, her children wouldn’t have inhaled tear gas. She claims she wants “asylum” but already set foot in at least two countries , including Mexico, since she left Honduras.

Is their “asylum” not good enough for her?

God is the only one who will open the doors to us, to see if we can get in (to the US) or stay here in Tijuana and for doors to be opened so that maybe we can be given papers to work here because I’m a mother and I need a job, work to allow my children to survive.

It’s obvious that they’re only using asylum claims as means to enter the U.S. and get what they’re really after: white people’s stuff. They even say it, clear as water.

Continuing to process these “asylum applicants” after they’ve passed multiple countries on their way to America is retarded. It’s the European “migrant crisis” all over again.

These are gib-takers. They come to America with literally nothing. No money, no skill, no knowledge, no stuff. Her kids are barefoot. Anything they’d get if they manage to enter, would be taken from Americans.

We don’t need them. We don’t want them.

They have to go back.