Mostly Peaceful Antifa Arrested After Running Over Proud Boy with Truck, Damaging Brain

Arresting a mostly peaceful protester simply for running over someone with a truck?

This proves just how fascist Blormpf’s America truly is…!


A Proud Boys member was struck and seriously injured by a pickup truck, allegedly driven by an Antifa activist who had targeted him, after attending a memorial for the pro-Trump demonstrator who was killed last week in Portland.

Shane Moon was reportedly hit by the truck Saturday in a parking lot in Vancouver, Washington, where members of the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer conservative activist groups held an event to honor Aaron “Jay” Danielson, who was shot and killed by an Antifa supporter on Aug. 29 in Portland.

The driver of the truck allegedly tried to provoke a fight with Proud Boys members in a Vancouver bar just before accosting Moon and others in a nearby parking lot, the Gateway Pundit reported. Members of the group who spoke to the outlet described the man as an “Antifa” activist.

“Once the guy started his vehicle up and started to drive off, he hit Shane,” the Pundit quoted Proud Boys member Rex Fergus as saying. “Shane tried to get out of the way, and the guy ran him over.”

Moon reportedly was knocked upward and onto the roof of the truck. He hit his head on the concrete as he fell and was bleeding from the ears and nose. The driver fled the scene and was later arrested, but Vancouver Police haven’t yet identified him.

A fundraiser was set up for Moon on GoFundMe and had brought in more than half of its $10,000 goal as of Sunday afternoon. He’s suffering from bleeding on his brain and from his left temporal lobe and is expected to miss work during his recovery.

These fascist pigs have no right to detain peaceful protesters. Running people over with trucks, shooting people for being Trump supporters – this is freedom of speech, protected by the First Amendment.

The same Portland PIGS that will arrest a mostly peaceful protester for running a fascist over with a truck refuse to arrest Trump supporters for wearing MAGA hats, which is a direct act of violence against oppressed people of color, including blacks, Jews and Australian aboriginals.

Pictured: A fascist DRUMPF supporter violently oppressing a beautiful and sexy native woman.

I trust that William Barr’s Justice Department will send in the civil rights division to get this peace trucker out of the slammer ASAP.

This is why we need to elect Joe Biden in November.

Because: you know the thing.

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