Mostly Christian Group Working Round the Clock to Keep Christkillers Safe

Daily Stormer
May 4, 2019

If I made parodies of ads asking evil goyim to donate money to hollowcost “survivors,” they would look something like this.

As much as we rightfully hate the kikes, we have to remember that their shabbos goyim are a far, far greater problem to us.

If it weren’t for the traitors and idiots among our own kind, we could’ve made the whole world judenrein a long time ago.

Fox News:

In the wake of the Chabad of Poway synagogue Passover shooting and the alarming rise in anti-Semitism, a Jerusalem-based group is launching a global effort to secure and protect the Jewish community.

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) told Fox News the group has been working with the global Jewish community to identify specific needs around the world, not just synagogues but also Jewish day schools and community centers. It comes in the wake of two deadly attacks in the past six months by white supremacists against synagogues in the United States and countless other anti-Semitic hate crimes throughout the world, including the New York Times’ blatantly anti-Semitic cartoon.

More Christians died in the Sri Lanka attacks then Jews did in terrorist self-defense acts in probably the last two decades.

But those people don’t matter, because your life doesn’t matter unless some hairy inbred desert rat sucks blood out of your dick when you’re born.

And adding that thing about the cartoon in what is one of the main pillars of Jew media control in America is even more disgusting.

The Fellowship helps protect the global Jewish community by providing security guards, systems, doors, gates, emergency response training and camera systems as well as window and roof protection, panic buttons, first aid courses and kits, and other unexpected needs. They have also provided over 5,000 bomb shelters in Israel.

Remember: the Jews are the main proponents of taking everybody’s guns away, while also demanding special protection for themselves (on your dime, of course).

“We want to make sure that every synagogue in the world is prepared to protect themselves against attacks like the ones we’ve seen recently,” Yael Eckstein, president of The Fellowship, said in a statement. “We have been able to rely on our Christian friends, again and again, to step up and provide emergency assistance to Jews in need, including Holocaust survivors.”

Eckstein added: “Now we are asking them to help us in this effort to protect our communities from extremists who want to shatter our peace with their acts of terror.”

The initiative to combat the dangerous “disease of anti-Semitism” is called “Safe Synagogues.”

Jews bring in Moslems who kill mostly non-Moslems.

The non-Moslems then attack Jews for bringing in the Moslems.

Then the Jews whine, and say hating them is a “disease” and ask the people they’re hurting to keep them safe.

And they somehow get away with this.

Founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, The Fellowship now raises more than $120 million per year, mostly from Christians, to assist Israel and the Jewish people. The organization has offices in Jerusalem, Chicago, Toronto, and Seoul.

Reminder: Jews are the per capita richest ethnic group on the planet, and these morons still feel the need to give them more money.

Eckstein said the timing of the attacks and anti-Semitism, amid Passover and Yom HaShoah, annual Holocaust Remembrance Day, makes her concerned about her children’s future.

“For the first time in my lifetime, I believe we are on a path that could lead to similar horrors,” she added. “We must change course – the Jewish community, and our Christian friends, must be more vigilant, standing together and not giving an inch to hate, whether it comes from political extremists, or the media, or from academics in their ‘ivory towers.’ I’m afraid things are probably worse than they even seem.”

Yes, things really are worse than they seem, because more and more goyim are knowing every day.

I’m not really sure how many kikes are genuinely demented enough to not realize that they’re hated for objective, easy-to-understand things that they do, and how many are just hypocritical beyond what real humans are capable of.

But I am sure of this – we need to get rid of them no matter what, and any traitor who gets in our way has to go with them.

We also have to take a good look at ourselves and see what’s wrong with us, what factors created this situation where so many of our own race would act like this, and make sure it never happens again.