Most Vax Deaths Appear to Have Come from a Small Number of Batches

I’ve never gone all in with Stew Peters. However, the claim that there are different batches of the vaccine being distributed that have different ingredients has kind of made intuitive sense to me, even though the evidence wasn’t really there to support that claim.

Now supporting evidence seems to be coming together.

Free West Media:

Graphical analysis of data from the Official US Vaccine Side Effects Database (VAERS) found that a very small percentage of certain lot numbers of Pfizer and Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines were responsible for most side effects and deaths in the United States.

By comparison, the influenza vaccination campaign had less harmful consequences than the Covid 19 vaccination campaign, it is said. More alarming is that the “deadly” lots were distributed widely across the United States whilst other “benign” lots were sent to a few specific locations.

Analysis showed that in 4 289 batches distributed to 12 or fewer states, there were few reports of adverse reactions and hospitalizations and no deaths. By contrast, 13 lots of Pfizer and Moderna vials shipped to many US states had reported the most adverse reactions and deaths.

Some 96 percent of Pfizer vaccines were therefore “safe”. The 2 828 reported deaths are due to only 4 percent of Pfizer lots. Moderna had no death records for 95 percent of lots. The 2 603 ​​reported deaths are therefore due to 5 percent of the batches.

Authorities look the other way

Why have the US authorities never inspected these deaths caused by certain batches of Pfizer/Moderna? According to the authors, the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in the US was significantly more “deadly” than the influenza campaign. Another Pfizer whistleblower from a Kansas manufacturing facility noted that “people are being made to sign off on things that normally they wouldn’t, and then they wonder why their own employees won’t take it”.

Comparison with influenza vaccination

The analysis relates to reports submitted to VAERS by October 15, 2021 about undesirable side effects or deaths after being jabbed with Moderna or Pfizer products. The information on influenza was used as control data. There were 1608 adverse side effects, 15 deaths and 73 hospitalizations for a total of 494 batch numbers reported. Accordingly, there were no concentrated abnormalities in the influenza batches. The standard batch size for Covid-19 shots is assumed to be 1000 vials or 6000 jabs.

Thousands of injury reports on a batch

At Pfizer, there were 171 463 reports of adverse reactions, 2 828 deaths and 14 262 hospitalizations linked to 4 522 batch numbers. With the Pfizer treatment there were 106 times as many side effects, 189 times as many deaths and 195 times as many hospitalizations as with the influenza vaccines. The highest number of adverse reactions for a single Pfizer lot number was 3 563 (26 for the influenza vaccination).

Moderna got off even worse: There were 4 967 negative reports for a single batch. At Moderna 188 998 adverse reactions, 2 603 ​​deaths and 10 225 hospitalizations were reported – this was linked to 5 510 batches. Compared to influenza, there were 188 times more side effects, 174 times more deaths and 140 times more hospitalizations.

Obviously, this is the single most deadly medicine ever distributed widely, and has already killed more than every other vaccine in history combined. It seems possible that the government started to realize how deadly it was, then decided they would have to mix in placebos or reduced doses.

If you click the links above, you can follow through to VAERS and check these lot numbers for yourself. However, it is also well-established that only a very small percent of vaccine adverse reactions are reported to the database, and it’s possible that certain hospitals were more likely to report. Probably, the VAERS data is too limited to really draw any serious conclusions from it.

Both the government and the media have refused, outright, to provide any other way of tracking these side effects, and they are actually actively suppressing data about the side effects.

The UN and various governments, along with the media, are now predicting mass deaths this winter. That could just mean that they’re planning on faking deaths again. But it could also mean that they expect a large number of people to die from the vaccine, and that they will then blame those deaths on the alleged virus.

We should note once again that there still is no proof that the virus exists at all, let alone that we ever had a “pandemic.”