Many Russians Support Neo-Nazi Feminist Gay Icon Navalny Being Labeled “An Extremist”

Maybe Russia’s “Navalny Stratagem” actually worked?


Russians view imprisoned opposition figure Alexey Navalny and his activities in an increasingly negative light, it was revealed on Friday, with many approving of the court’s decision to designate his organizations as extremist.

That’s according to a new poll conducted by the Levada Centre, branded as a foreign agent by the Russian Ministry of Justice, which revealed that the percentage of Russians who approve of Navalny has dropped from 20% in September 2020 to 14% in June 2021.

The number of those who disapprove of the Western-backed protest leader increased from 50% to 62% over the same period.

Navalny was found to be most popular in the age group 18-34 (24%), with just 8% of those over 55 supporting the activist.

The survey also found that 32% of Russians support the decision of the courts to designate Navalny’s structures as ‘extremist,’ with just 27% disapproving. Another 41% were indifferent or had no answer, the poll revealed.

Among those who declared support for President Vladimir Putin, an even higher percentage (40%) said they agree with the extremist label.

Yeah but see – we had this situation.

What happens when young people support something and old people don’t is that the young people get older and the old people die.

As far as extremism – Navalny is both a neo-Nazi and feminist fag-lover. Both neo-Nazism and feminist fag-love are pretty extreme. The question is: which is gayer?

No but seriously – the CIA has for whatever reason been able to combine really vulgar costumed Nazism with the gay stuff in Slavic countries.

But hey – it turned out that the guys from Atomwaffen were all sodomizing the same Mexican tranny in a satanic ritual of gay anal. So maybe it’s not just Slavic countries?

Also, unlike most American neo-Nazi groups, which are run by the FBI, Atomwaffen is run by the CIA.

Maybe some top FBI agent was like “look, we made these neo-Nazi retards into weirdo creepy male feminists” and then a top CIA guy was like “hold my beer.”


But seriously: neo-Nazism is never nationalism. Nationalists are serious people, with a serious agenda, whereas neo-Nazis are generally just disgruntled morons who want to act out anti-social behavior.

They always have weird faces, and they’re usually working for the CIA.

Adolf Hitler is a great historical figure and so on, but if you start idolizing him or saying he had an ideology (he did not), then it turns into some other weird thing completely. I don’t fully understand it, but I’ve experienced it personally. People who become obsessed with Nazis and dress up in costumes with these weird flags always have something wrong with them. They are always feminists, so it isn’t really that hard to see how they get into the gay stuff.

Remember kids: homosexuality is the gay son of feminism.

Also, to be clear: I’m not saying that neo-Nazis are “too far right” – I’m saying the opposite. As we’ve documented here for years, they support all kinds of very weird leftist stuff. If you go to the Twitter feed of Richard Spencer, planner of Charlottesville (because you can’t go to Nick Fuentes’ Twitter!), you will find that he supports Joe Biden, supports forced vaccination and infinity lockdowns, total Marxist feminism, and whatever else.

There should really be more research into this topic, but no one does it because no one cares. Definitely a big part of it is FBI/CIA stuff, domestically and abroad. But it’s also some psychological mechanism in the stooges that join up.

Frankly, neo-Nazis killed the neon-Nazi movement that I was trying to start.

We believed in freedom, heterosexuality and beating up women.