Most People Think Pete Buttigieg Shouldn’t Get Months Off Work to Molest Kidnapped Infants

Pete Buttigieg, the fully anal Secretary of Transportation, has been on indefinite leave from his job after kidnapping infant children to molest.

According to polls, 65% of Americans do not believe that “homosexually molesting kidnapped infants” is a good reason for a cabinet member to take weeks off from his job.

Jen Psaki says that between rounds of [REDACTED], Buttigieg checks in on Zoom.

Of course, there’s a shipping crisis happening right now, so it’s considered especially egregious that Anal Pete the Poop-Sucker is taking such serious time off of work.

Frankly, it seems like no one in the Biden Administration actually does anything.

It looks like a Potemkin Government that just pretends to do thing, while in the back, there is something completely different going on.

Clearly, no serious person would try to make the claim that Biden himself is running anything.

But who in his government is running anything?

Logically, one can assume that there is a secret crypto-government running things from behind the scenes.