Most Americans Say They Let Themselves Go Because of Lockdown

It turns out that locking people in their houses isn’t healthy for the people locked in.

They kinda give up hope on existence, actually.

Study Finds:

A survey of 2,000 people, commissioned by Vagaro and conducted by OnePoll, reveals 64 percent want to look their absolute best. Another 68 percent want to be the best version of themselves (mentally and physically) when the pandemic finally ends.

More than six in 10 respondents (62%) feel optimistic that the pandemic will end before 2022. However, over half the poll (51%) say there’s no escaping the fact 2020 was the hardest year they’ve ever experienced. Since the pandemic began, nearly half of Americans (46%) believe they’ve let themselves go while in lockdown.

Weight gain comes in as the number one way people say they’ve let themselves go. In fact, 60 percent say they’ve added on several pounds during lockdown. Among these respondents, the average American gained 17 pounds during their isolation.

Other ways people have let themselves go include losing touch with family and friends (49%) and avoiding makeup and facial grooming (46%) while staying at home. A little more than half (51%) cited falling back into bad habits, like eating unhealthy foods (53%), excessive drinking (49%), and failing to groom themselves on a daily basis (43%). Thirty-eight percent started to smoke again, despite kicking the habit before COVID-19.

A year after officials declared a global pandemic, 47 percent of Americans say they now feel like they’re in a better mental and emotional space than in March 2020. Researchers reveal sheltering in place was the motivation 58 percent of Americans said they needed to take time to focus more on self-improvement.

When asked what they want to work on, 60 percent said they’re dedicated to improving their personal appearance. Another 56 percent want to take better care of their skin and 53 percent are focusing on their hair. Half of the poll report they’ve already started taking better care of their skin. Of those, more than three-quarters (77%) have either established or improved their daily skincare regimen.

How about taking better care of their rights and freedom though?

There’s no way that more lockdowns and more social isolation could allow for better emotional and physical health.

People already went along with it and things only got worse.