Most Americans Do Not Have Faith in Kamala Harris as President

Polls are always wrong, but they are interesting.

There is no way the majority of Americans could have faith in Kamala Harris at the time of the election, even if you thought Joe Biden won the election. Harris had recently lost a primary.

Ideally, confidence levels in a leader rise after they’re elected, but that isn’t the case for Kamala Harris.

In large part, the agenda to install her as president, which could happen as soon as later this year, is more about punishing America than it is about controlling it.

Gay blacks maybe like her. And Indian women. Everyone else hates her.

It was recently revealed that the US Government is giving copies of her 2019 children’s book to incoming migrants.

This means that the government bought likely tens of millions of copies of the book.

What absurd, base corruption. Do you remember when they accused Donald Trump of “trying to profit”?

When Kamala takes over, that’s when things are really going to get rough.