Mossad Chief Says People Who Endanger Israel “Must Stop Existing”

Dark glasses and yarmulke: classic cool.

The only way Jews can possibly be safe is if we genocide everyone who disagrees with them.

It’s so obvious.


The outgoing head of the Israeli spy agency Mossad has given a revelatory interview about the country’s operations against Iran.

Yossi Cohen gave details about the theft of Iran’s nuclear archive.

The warehouse raid in 2018 ferried tens of thousands of documents out of the country to Israel.

He also hinted at Israeli involvement in the destruction of Iran’s nuclear facility at Natanz, and the assassination of a nuclear scientist.

Mr Cohen retired as the head of Mossad last week.

He spoke to journalist Ilana Dayan on Channel 12’s Uvda documentary programme, which was broadcast on Israeli television on Thursday night.

Early in the interview Mr Cohen spoke about the Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz.

Iran said that sabotage caused a fire at the uranium enrichment site in July 2020. A day after revealing new equipment in April this year, officials again said it had been sabotaged and had suffered major damage. Iran accused Israel of “nuclear terrorism” over the incident.

Mr Cohen told Ms Dayan that he knew the site well, and that he could take her to the cellar “where the spinning centrifuges are located”. He then added: “Those that used to spin. Nowadays, the cellar doesn’t look like it used to.”

And he also spoke about Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Iran’s top nuclear scientist was assassinated on a road outside Tehran last November – an attack Iran publicly blamed on Israel.

The ex-Mossad chief did not confirm or deny involvement in the death. But he said the scientist was a target “for many years”, adding that his scientific knowledge concerned the agency.

If the man constitutes a capability that endangers the citizens of Israel, he must stop existing,” he was quoted as saying, but added that someone could be spared “if he is prepared to change profession and not harm us any longer”.

The US is backing this lunacy, 6,000,000% – despite the fact that Joe Biden is supposed to be a communist.

In fact, Biden’s Administration is even more pro-Israel than the Trump Administration, and unlike the Trump Administration, Joe Biden has signaled a willingness to get involved in all kinds of wars – including World Wars – to defend Jewish interests.

It really makes you think.

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have yet to explain what the United States has to gain from assisting this Jewish murder machine. In fact, they don’t even make an attempt to try to explain it, and if you ask them to explain it, both parties will simply accuse you of anti-Semitism.

If you ask them to explain what “anti-Semitism” even is, they will accuse you of double anti-Semitism and imply you want to kill all the Jews in fake shower rooms.

Apparently, dodging the conversation like this will work forever, and no American politician will ever have to explain the hundreds of billions in free money sent to Israel, or the trillions spent on fighting wars for Israel. Instead, they will just call you names and insinuate you are possessed by metaphysical evil.