Moslems Rape 14-Year-Old Swedish Girl

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2017

Who wouldn’t trust a man who looks like this with their 14-year-old daughter?

Sometimes you may think not all Moslems are that bad.

You will stop thinking that when your daughter is raped by these poor refugee children.


One woman decided to invite a group of refugee children to their family’s residence. It ended with her 14-year-old daughter being raped in her girls room by a 25-year-old Arab man. But the rapist “may” not be expelled, the prosecutor claims.

The woman is living in a town in Västmanland together with her children. In the house, a so-called unaccompanied refugee child also lived in the past.

In November last year, the refugee child accompanied his brother and three other men in the 20-25’s to the family to greet. They stayed for two nights and afterwards the police reported that her 14-year-old daughter had been raped by one of the men, a 25-year-old from Syria.

The rape took place in the 14-year-old’s girl room after the man invited her to drink liquor. The girl was more or less unconscious of intoxication and has only vague memories of the incident, but she remembers how she appealed to the Arab to stop when he was raping her.

The mom, who was sleeping at the moment, was awakened by the girl’s sister to open her bedroom door and informed her what was going on. The mother first refused to believe it, but when she saw that one of the refugees wrote about the event on Facebook, she went to the girl’s bedroom and heard “a smacking noise.” She replied, however, to the refugee child that it was “just a hinge”, according to the judgment.

But then the door was opened to the room, which, according to the mother, smelled “both sweat and alcohol”, and out the stepped 25-year-old. Inside the room the daughter was naked, knocked out and unreachable.

When the Arab came down to the others after raping the girl, the refugee child who had previously lived with the Arab family went up and raped her once again because “it was best to not waste the chance”. It stated at least the brother of the refugee child to the mother, according to the judgment.

He himself claimed he did not have sex with the 14-year-old. DNA spores in the form of sperm, he explained that he “got excited” earlier in the day when the girls had danced in short shorts while sitting on the couch. He claimed that he had broken his genitals against a pair of panties – a statement that the court of appeal, however, completely dismisses

The prosecutor did not claim that the 25-year-old would be expelled to the Arab world.

– It depends on the circumstances of the case. There was an opinion from the Swedish Migration Board, and on the basis of that, judicial prosecutors had argued that no such claim would be made and I fully agree with it, “said chamber prosecutor Frieda Gummesson.

Of course you can’t deport the poor children, they’re fleeing brutal civil war where the Brown Hitler Assad will gas them.

If they stayed in Syria, this could be them.

Who cares if some random white adolescent girl gets raped, brown people in the Middle East are dying and that’s sad. Also, it’s the Swedes fault anyway because of the Crusades and the Holocaust.