Moslems Just Want to Live in Your House and Pretend to be You

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 17, 2019

Ayesha Hazarika

CNN published a piece by “British” political commentator Ayesha Hazarika where she talks about the alleged need to view Moslems as human due to them meaning you no harm and only wanting to live in your house to impersonate you.


When I woke up Friday morning to the news of the massacre at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, I felt sick. But sadly, not entirely surprised. I had been dreading this kind of violence happening, although I would have never imagined this kind of scale — 49 Muslim men, women and children killed in cold blood with such clinical, methodical precision and filmed for social media.

Islamophobia is on the rise and has been for some time. Muslims have been demonized, dehumanized and scapegoated on an industrial scale by society since 9/11.

No other group has been punished for the sins of the father in such a systematic and accepted way. Politicians, commentators, influencers and the media on the right have waged a war against Muslims that has become normalized.

The system in our own countries is against white men and protects Moslems, and this Moslem says Moslems are the real victims.

It’s not just the media attacking white men. Our laws attack white men. It’s politically correct to attack white men.

Everyone attacks white men, and no one defends white men.

Almost no one (at least until Brenton Tarrant) attacks Moslems in the West, and everyone defends Moslems in the West.

Yet this Moslem thinks Moslems are the true victims.

What are they even doing in the West if the West is such a bad place for them?

They’re not exactly short on space, globally.

So why are they flooding in to get oppressed?

The trope that all Muslims are somehow predisposed to violence or terrorism is dangerous and wrong. Most Muslims — particularly immigrants — keep their heads down, want a quiet, peaceful life and want to stay out of trouble. I know this because I am Muslim and know our community. We are not out to cause trouble. We don’t come to “invade”; we come to make a better life for ourselves.

Oh, there it is.

See? They just want to enter your home and pretend to be you.

The problem is that this isn’t their home and they are not you.

“Peaceful” Moslems in the West are still enemy combatants, because they’re fighting us through birthrates. Whether they’d conquer the West through violence or through fucking their cousins, the result would be the same. They’d take over.

We don’t want that. This is our home. These are our countries.

The better lives they want to make for themselves don’t belong to them. They are the lives of our people, and the lives of our future people.

We run your convenience store, drive your cabs, feed you late-night food when you’ve had a drink or look after you when you’re ill. We serve our communities. Yet we have become the victims of harassment, hatred and now terrorism.

How about you Moslems stop stealing our stuff then? Go away. Just go to any of your Moslem countries where you won’t be harassed or hated.

I wept Friday on “CNN Talk,” thinking about the sadness of it all. It has been a dark day. But if there is any light, it was the outpouring of grief from people of all backgrounds around the world who sent in messages of solidarity and kindness. If we can take one lesson from the horror of Christchurch, we have to stop this hate and see Muslims as human beings, just like anyone else.

The fact that they’re invading us is independent of Moslem being human or not.

You see, all these things Moslems complain about are not really important to them. If these woes were important to them, they’d leave the West and go back to Muslim countries, where they’d be among their own.

But they don’t want that.

They want to conquer our lands and take our women.

They want to take everything that we’ve built.

That’s why they keep flooding the West and that’s why they won’t stop coming unless we do something to stop them.

If we don’t want to be “peacefully” replaced by them through birthrate warfare, we have to ship them all back to the Middle East.

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