Moslems Invoke Jewish Example to Demand Taxpayer-Financed Thug Squads

Diversity Macht Frei
June 20, 2017

The Muslims are exploiting this incident big-time to advance their agenda. Among the ones interviewed following the so-called mosque attack, more than one has declared that police are unable to protect them and called for equality of treatment with Jews. The similarity in their remarks suggests a previously prepared script.

In the form of the Community Security Trust, the Jews have a thug squad/intelligence agency – run by a convicted criminal, a man convicted of fraud no less – that reliably receives millions of pounds from the taxpayer every year. And it regularly churns out propaganda reports warning of the dangers of almost non-existent problem of antisemitism (link). These are picked up uncritically by the media and serve as a pretext to demand even more money and privilege. Of course the Jews also have their own ethno-religious police force in the form of the Shomrim. The Muslims are now demanding these privileges.

Yet again we see an example where Jews set an awful precedent of ethno-religious separatism, which then acts as a template to be followed by other ethnic groups. Jewish power is able to bend politicians to its will; then the same politicians are unable to rationally defend the inequality of treatment of other ethno-religious groups.

This conjures up a nightmare image of Britain’s future, a country divided into ethno-religious factions, each running their own police forces/intelligence agencies/thug squads, all financed by the hard-pressed British taxpayer.

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