Moslems in US Condemn White Terrorism, Demand Statues of Real Americans be Torn Down

Daily Stormer
August 16, 2017

Not all pedophiles are Moslems, but all Moslems are pedophiles.

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Do you think I’d get arrested, and at best be deported, at worst spend the rest of my life busting rocks for the greater glory of the People’s Republic of China? I think yes.

Daily Caller:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), America’s largest Muslim civil rights group, is calling on state and local governments all over the United States to tear down all monuments and memorials commemorating Confederate leaders and the short-lived Confederate States of America.

What are these creatures doing in America? In fact, forget America – Why are there any of them left on the planet?

CAIR joined several groups asking for the removal of Confederate memorials in the wake of a “Unite the Right” white supremacist rally that turned violent over the weekend. At the Charlottesville, Va. rally, James Alex Fields, a rally attendee, allegedly plowed his grey Dodge Challenger through a large group of people on a pedestrian mall. One woman, Heather Heyer, died in the incident. About 20 other people suffered injuries.

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But let’s go back to the ragheads.

Nihad Awad, CAIR’s national executive director, urged state and local governments to erase every symbol and every vestige of Confederate history immediately.

“A fitting response to the deadly terror attack on anti-racist protesters in Charlottesville would be for officials in states and cities nationwide to immediately announce that every street, every school, every flag, and every public memorial honoring those who took up arms in defense of white supremacy and slavery will be removed or have its name changed to instead honor those who fought for civil rights,” Awad said in a statement to The Daily Caller.

The creatures who are responsible for almost the entirety of all terrorist acts on the face of the earth are appalled by your terrorism, Whitey!


Not only are they running you over in your own streets, blowing you up, robbing you, killing and gang-raping your children (with full government support) and living off your tax money in countries that they themselves would never be capable of creating – but they’re also teaching you how not to be a terrorist!

Are you happy?


“Removal of these memorials would be a small step forward in turning the page on the darkest period in our nation’s history,” Awad also said.

The darkest period of the American nation (to which subhumans like you do not belong) started when the kikes opened the borders for subhumans like you. And it will only end when your entire kind is wiped off the face of the planet.

CAIR has created a template for state governments, municipal governments and school district officials to use for introducing resolutions seeking the removal of Confederate memorials and other symbolism.

On Saturday, CAIR denounced President Donald Trump for his remarks about the white supremacist rally. Trump exhibited a “failure of moral leadership,” the Muslim advocacy group said.

People who worship a schizophrenic pedophile are teaching you about “moral leadership” and you’re still not doing anything Whitey.

How about you start?

It’s coming, you fucking ragheads