Moslems Defrauded Coronavirus Relief Fund, Bought Lamborghini and Porsche

“Coronavirus built my hotrod.”

Basically, 90% of that coronavirus relief package went to Moslems and Indians who were committing fraud. You can’t have this kind of program, which was almost entirely based on trust, while also having a country full of racial aliens.

Most of the fraudsters were presumably smart enough to not go out and immediately buy luxury cars.

NBC News:

Seven people in two states were charged in an indictment with stealing millions of dollars in coronavirus relief funds and spending it on luxury products, including a Lamborghini and a Porsche, federal authorities said Tuesday.

The suspects, based in Texas and Illinois, were charged with wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud, the Justice Department said.

Two suspects, Amir Aqeel, 52, and Siddiq Azeemuddin, 41, were also charged with money laundering. Others named in the indictment were Pardeep Basra, 51; Rifat Bajwa, 51; Mayer Misak, 40; Mauricio Navia, 41; and Richard Reuth.

The Justice Department alleged that the group submitted dozens of fraudulent loan applications that included falsified payroll expenses, tax forms, bank records and other documents.

Hundreds of fake paychecks were cashed by fake employees — including Aqueel’s 86-year-old mother — at a check-cashing business owned by one of the defendants, the indictment alleges.

I know many people who got rejected, even though they had legitimate claims for this money. I myself got rejected, despite having a legitimate claim.

This was basically just a massive wealth transfer to Moslems. I think they rushed the applications if you had a Moslem or Indian name. Or maybe they’re just better at filling out forms?

By the way, if you’re going to buy a luxury car and it’s going to be anything other than a Bentley, you deserve to go to jail anyway. Moslems are such tasteless scum.

Why did we let these people in our country?

Can anyone explain that?