Moslems Chimp Out and KO Dutch Cop During Kidnapping

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
June 29, 2018

To make omelettes you need to break some Dutch cop’s face.

Voice of Europe:

Numerous police officers rushed to the scene of a potential kidnapping in the Dutch city of Almere, local broadcaster Omroep Flevoland reports. The alarm was raised when a girl was forced into a car in the city’s Haven district.

The would be kidnappers fought with police upon their arrival at the scene as they intervened. Footage of the incident has gone viral in the Netherlands.

The footage shows police officers being attacked by several family members, including a woman in a head scarf. One officer is seen lying on the ground having been knocked down by one of the family members.

Four persons were arrested and are still in custody. One police officer was transported to hospital for a head wound.