Moslems Can’t Take Vaccine with Pork in It

The Pope has come out and said that a vaccine with “fetal tissue” (dead infant flesh) in it is fine to take.

That is as Pfizer and other companies are claiming that the coronavirus vaccine doesn’t have infant flesh in it and infant flesh was only used to develop it.

But the Moslems have another concern.

Times Now News:

As India awaits COVID-19 vaccine, Sunni Muslim scholars from Mumbai’s Raza Academy said that Chinese vaccine containing pork gelatin is “haram” for Muslims. The decision was taken after certain reports claimed that Chinese vaccine contains pork gelatin.

Raza Academy’s Secretary-General, Saeed Noorie in a video statement urged the Indian government to not place an order for the Chinese vaccine which contains pork gelatin.

“For any vaccine which has been ordered or made in India, the government should show us the list of content so that we can make announcements regarding the use of the vaccine,” said Noorie.

‘Govt should show us the list of content used for vaccine development’
Meanwhile, Swami Chakrapani Maharaj, Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha president also claimed that COVID-19 vaccine made from cow’s blood in America should not be used in India.

Calling it an international conspiracy to destroy the religion of Hindus, Swami Chakrapani said that a vaccine or medicine using cow urine or cow dung can be used by Hindus.

Moslems are probably fine with taking a cannibal vaccine, or that is what they would be talking about, instead of the pork thing.

In all likelihood, all of the vaccines contain fetal tissue, despite denials.