Moslem Sportsballer Raises $700,000 for Seville’s First Mosque Since the Reconquista

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 28, 2019

This is what happens when you watch the footy on the telly and cheer when Ngubu scores.

Everything is fine and dandy and then, whoops, turns out the blackie isn’t a pathetic lumpenprole like you are and he’s actually a practicing Moslem who spends his money on advancing the jihad against you and yours.



When word got out that Seville’s Muslim community were about to lose their mosque, former Tottenham and West Ham striker Fredi Kanoute knew he had to help.

In 2007, the landlord of a converted section of a building in the Ponce de Leon area of the Andalusian city was looking to sell, meaning the burgeoning Muslim community would face eviction.

“I helped the Muslim community in Seville a few years back. At the time they were looking to safeguard their place of worship. I helped them to keep their temporary mosque,” recalled the former Sevilla striker.

Having conducted due diligence to establish that everything was “legit” there was a condition of anonymity which Kanoute insisted on. However, days later, the news was leaked all over the media.

Kanoute’s generosity of $700,000 meant the Fundacion Mezquita de Sevilla remained a place of worship for him and other Muslims in the city.

Today, that building is struggling to cope with the growing numbers wishing to pray there, and now Kanoute is helping the cause again.

A larger plot of land in Seville has been identified to construct a three-storey, purpose-built mosque with underground parking.

An interesting bit of trivia for you: the Spaniards kicked Kanoute’s monkey ancestors out of Spain 700 years ago.

But in the Current Year, he and his people are allowed to come into one of the most formerly devout Catholic kingdoms, buy up property and start preparing for Jihad against the locals.


Where’s Spain’s far-right Vox party when you need them?

Oh, good. They just won.

Now, this is the power of choosing a good-looking chad to run your right-wing opposition party.

You picked the wrong time to start building mosques, Ngubu Kanoute.

Daily Express:

Spain’s European election contest was rocked by the breakthrough of the far-right Vox party and a disastrous performance by the country’s traditional conservative party.

The countries ruling socialists won the most votes but fell short of a majority in Sunday’s snap general election. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez warned the electorate not to vote for Vox in the European Elections in a series of tweets last Thursday. He said: “No one thought that Trump would be president in the US, nor Bolsonaro in Brazil.”

The party’s leader, Santiago Abascal, said Vox had lived up to its promise to begin what he called “a reconquest of Spain” a reference to the long campaign against Moorish rule, which concluded in 1492 and culminated in the expulsion of Spain’s Jews. 

All of that footy money you won will be thrown to the wind when the Vox party seizes the property, reconverts it into a giant monument to Franco and lines it with the skulls of the vanquished leftists from the successful conquest and extermination of everyone living in Barcelona!