Moslem Ban Expiring – To be Replaced with Vague “Tough but Tailored” Restrictions

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 23, 2017

Maybe we’ll only get partially blown up?

This period of non-stop enrichment at the hands of Jihadists should be the perfect time to put in place tougher restrictions on “refugees” moving to America.

Yet, it appears as though the soon-to-be expired temporary restrictions on Moslem visas won’t be replaced with a wall-to-wall ban on all brown people of terrorist descent. Instead, the Trump administration is talking of “tailored” restrictions.

This is ridiculous.

Instead of being defensive about the “need to protect America,” Trump needs to have the courage to ask the obvious question: why the hell would we want any of these people here? What do their bring us? Falafel? That crap tastes like sand, for God’s sake.

Falafel: literally sand cakes.

Washington Post:

The Trump administration is considering replacing a part of its controversial travel ban with more-tailored restrictions that could vary from country to country, officials announced Friday.

Officials declined to say precisely what those restrictions will be, which countries they might affect or even when the president will put them into effect.

The only way this could make sense is if the rules apply to France, Germany and Sweden as well as Middle-Eastern countries. The rules for Irak would be “lol stay at home, nigga” while the rule for European countries would be “if you’re White, you’re all right.”

I’m not holding my breath, though.

The key portion of Trump’s travel ban, which bars the issuance of visas to citizens of six majority-Muslim countries, is set to expire Sunday.

Trump’s travel ban had always been contemplated as a temporary measure, designed to give officials time to assess vetting procedures and the information other countries were able or willing to provide.

Temporary? Until when? When Moslems stop behaving like savages? The elites are acting like Trump’s ban was some crazy measure. In fact, it didn’t go nearly far enough.

For one, it didn’t address the existing terrorist population in the US, which is just as much of a threat as foreign ones.

We need to restrict the travel of Moslems living in America, too. Restrict them from going anywhere else but back to their desert homelands.

Officials of the Department of Homeland Security had quietly been conducting that assessment and recently delivered to the White House a critical, classified report on their findings.

Miles Taylor, counselor to acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke, said Duke recommended that the president impose restrictions that are “tough” but “tailored.”

He said the measures ultimately put in effect might vary from place to place, and they could be lifted if countries meet U.S. demands for information and other security measures.


The only information we need is whether the incoming people are brown and Moslem. A name and photograph would certainly suffice for those purposes.

A simple reference card could streamline the process greatly.

The Trump administration hasn’t revealed the details of what this “tough but tailored” policy will be yet. But I have a feeling it’s going to be quite underwhelming, yet will still cause waves of Jew and liberal outrage.

We’ll see.