Moscow Wants to Block Facebook and Twitter Over Censorship

Facebook and Twitter aren’t just taking the freedoms of the American people, they’re also meddling with the sovereignty of every nation on earth.

They should be blocked.


A group of Russian politicians has put forward a bill aimed at punishing foreign social media firms for discriminating against Russian media outlets. In recent months, RT and others have been censored on networks like Twitter.

The parliamentarians, including MP Alexander Khinshtein and Senator Alexey Pushkov, have proposed punishing social media networks that display prejudice on the basis of nationality, language, or anti-Russia sanctions. If found guilty, the websites could be fined or even blocked entirely.

In August, California-based Twitter took action against RT and other state-funded Russian media outlets, subjecting their accounts to a shadow ban. This means they are now undiscoverable via the website’s search function. Twitter also began labeling several Russian sources as “state-affiliated media,” despite not doing so for certain foreign equivalents, such as America’s state-run RFERL and Britain’s BBC.

Speaking to Moscow-based news agency TASS, one of the document’s authors, MP Anton Gorelkin, said the law would give the government the right to slow a website down.

“Access restriction, which includes slowing down traffic, is intended as an extreme response against the blatant discrimination of Russian media outlets on foreign platforms,” Gorelkin explained. “I have always been a proponent of soft power and an opponent of blocking, but the state should always have a hard option in reserve for particularly malicious violators of the law.”

The MP also explained that the proposed legislation would give Roskomnadzor, Russia’s federal censor, the ability to fine offending websites up to 3 million rubles ($40,000).

According to Pushkov, the most well-known author of the bill, the aim of the proposed law is not to stop Russians from accessing foreign websites, but to introduce legal responsibility for censorship.

A nation has a right to manage its own free press, and allow them to speak to the people.

If the West is intent on interfering with that process, they should be blocked.

This new system of the internet, that is equivalent to sending in Jews from Silicon Valley into every country and allowing them to decide what news is printed in every country on earth, is just completely absurd.

Calling it “freedom” is the opposite of the truth. It is entirely about foreign meddling and control. Facebook is the opposite of freedom. They take freedom away from the countries they are allowed to operate in by imposing their own censorship rules.

China made the right decision from the beginning to have a closed internet where only they are able to decide who is allowed to do what.