Moscow Students Give Obama Lazer Monkey Birthday Present

Daily Stormer
August 8, 2014

The giant image beamed onto the building showed Obama with a banana.

A hilarious birthday message for Obama depicting him eating a banana, inferring that he is a monkey, has been beamed onto the US embassy in Russia by students. The birthday treat was apparently meant to draw attention to his behavior in the Ukraine and how he does nothing but lie to people.

Daily Mail:

The image, which is sure to further enflame relations between the two countries, showed Mr Obama swallowing a banana.

Its quite a good likeness of him.

It was projected onto the front of the embassy building in Moscow as a stunt by students on Monday, the day of Obama’s 53rd birthday.

The brief laser show starts with the message ‘Happy Birthday Obama’ before a likeness of the president appears on the side of the building and a banana slides into his mouth.

A group called the Moscow Student’s Initiative have claimed responsibility for the stunt.

Russia has been accused of failing to crack down on racism in recent years, particularly at football matches where fans have been seen throwing bananas at the feet of black players.

Only hours before the racist stunt a banner was unfurled on a building across the road from the embassy that featured caricatures of Obama with the words, ‘I don’t see … I don’t hear … I don’t speak the truth to anybody’.