Moscow: Police Crash Nightclub Party Commemorating Hitler’s Birthday

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
April 22, 2015

Sorry Hitler, but the police crashed the party before cake could be served.
Sorry Hitler, but the police crashed the party before cake could be served.

Ostensibly some Nationalists gathered to celebrate Hitler’s birthday at a Moscow nightclub on the night of April 20, and police ended up crashing the party.

Dmitry Dyomushkin, the leader of the Nationalist group, claimed that his group met to discuss a knife fighting tournament and that a portrait of Hitler found at the scene was brought by a news reporter.

Moscow Times:

“It was a private event. We had no Hitler with us. The LifeNews employee brought that portrait, the whole audience applauded her,” Dyomushkin was quoted by Dozhd as saying.

A spokesperson for the Interior Ministry said police seized four non-lethal pistols, a dozen knives and several brass knuckles during its raid on Monday, and also detained about 40 people, state-run RIA Novosti reported.

Seventeen people were charged with petty hooliganism following their detention while the rest were released without charge, Interfax reported Tuesday, citing police.

It must be remembered in light of this incident that the Russian people, though they recognize the brutality of the Soviet Union and the dismal failure of Communism, are still quite proud of their country for defeating Hitler and National Socialist Germany in the Second World War. Thus, it’s not necessarily shocking that someone would alert the police of such a gathering and that the police would crash it.