Moronic UN Chief Says Coronavirus is as Bad as World War II

Antonio Guterres’ job before being made chief of the UN.

If you take a man out of a bean field and put him at the head of an important political organization, you’re going to get stupid results.

Such as, that bean farmer might say that a mild flu virus is as bad as a World War. Which the infamous moron Antonio Guterres did on Tuesday at the UN’s 75th birthday party.

Most bean farmers would probably be more reasonable than that, however.

But at the UN, they don’t simply pick a random bean farmer to be in charge – they go out and find the single dumbest one in the entire field.

You see, everyone is equal. So a random bean farming moron is actually just as capable of running the UN as an educated white man. You could even appoint a retard or someone who has serious brain damage from a car accident, and the results would be exactly the same as if you’d appointed a genius, because everyone on earth is literally exactly the same as every other person, and if you don’t believe that you’re evil.

What’s more, he literally shat himself while giving the speech, as evidenced by his facial expression.

But even taking a shit in your pants on the stage at the UN isn’t a big deal, and it’s kind of a funny troll.

I always said that if I was ever invited to the UN to give a speech, I would take a shit during the speech to trigger the snowflakes. Although I think Guterres did it just because it was faster than going to the bathroom.

Not many people know that the band The Highwaymen originally had five members – the fifth was Antonio Guterres.

He was kicked out of the band for shitting his pants, but he did record a verse in the infamous song “Highwayman” which never aired.

His verse went:

I was a bean farmer
I picked the beans out in the field
A hoe and tiller I did wield
The UN came to me and said I was their man
They said a simpleton was a big part of their plan
I shit my pants while I gave a speech important
I am your misfortune

Johnny Cash allegedly whipped him upside his noggin because he sat down in his favorite chair after shitting his pants.

Did you know that the leader of the United Nations is called the “Secretary General”? Like in communism?

Kinda weird, huh?

Donald Trump gave a speech against China.

They also let Vladimir Putin give a speech, which is kinda weird. The globalists are trying to start a war with Russia, then they invite him to speak at their party.

Honestly, I think both Trump and Putin should be boycotting the UN.

It is such a horrible organization, and it is obviously set up to be the world communist government. That was its literal purpose. They said so all the way back when they formed the League of Nations.

It was formed by members of the Fabian Society, which is a globalist-socialist-communist group.

H.G. Wells was a Fabian, and one of the founding members of the LoN. People know this guy for writing crap-tier science fiction, but his other activities were much more diabolical.

He openly said he wanted a single world government and he worked with the Jew weasel Leonard Woolf (husband of the famously shitty woman Virginia Woolf) to lay the groundwork for LoN.

Look at the “political views” section of his Wikipedia:

Wells was a socialist and a member of the Fabian Society. Winston Churchill was an avid reader of Wells’ books, and after they first met in 1902 they kept in touch until Wells died in 1946. As a junior minister Churchill borrowed lines from Wells for one of his most famous early landmark speeches in 1906, and as Prime Minister the phrase “the gathering storm” — used by Churchill to describe the rise of Nazi Germany — had been written by Wells in The War of the Worlds, which depicts an attack on Britain by Martians. Wells’s extensive writings on equality and human rights, most notably his most influential work, The Rights of Man (1940), laid the groundwork for the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the United Nations shortly after his death. 

His efforts regarding the League of Nations, on which he collaborated on the project with Leonard Woolf with the booklets The Idea of a League of Nations, Prolegomena to the Study of World Organization, and The Way of the League of Nations, became a disappointment as the organization turned out to be a weak one unable to prevent the Second World War, which itself occurred towards the very end of his life and only increased the pessimistic side of his nature. In his last book Mind at the End of Its Tether (1945), he considered the idea that humanity being replaced by another species might not be a bad idea. He referred to the era between the two World Wars as “The Age of Frustration”.

LoN not only couldn’t prevent the Second World War – it caused it. It was these loony treaties it built that led to Britain and France declaring war on Germany for invading Poland.

Remember, the UN also caused the war in Iraq, which makes one believe it is not dedicated to peace, but actually just a totally Jewish scam.

Wells also coined the term “New World Order.”

I’m surprised he doesn’t show up in conspiracy literature more often, because basically, you can unravel the entire globalist project just by looking at this one guy.

He literally wrote a book called “The Open Conspiracy,” arguing that the globalist plot to form a world government was both a conspiracy and not a secret.

I read this stuff back in the early 00s when I first OD’d on red pills, and haven’t looked at it since.

As it is now all coming to pass under the banner of this stupid virus hoax, I should probably go back and reread it and write reviews.

I’m currently reading this:

I want to flesh out my ideas regarding the poisonous nature of ideology, how all ideology is ultimately Marxism – and this man already did it.

But I keep falling asleep.