Moron Patrol: Boogaloo Boys Entrapped by Feds in Plot to Aid Hamas

So some Boogaloo Boys just got arrested for… aiding Hamas. 

This seems like a totally legitimate thing that would completely happen in real life organically, and it would in no way be the result of FBI informants pressuring a couple of low IQ morons.

(It case you didn’t notice, I’m being sarcastic.)

CBS News:

Two self-described members of the far-right group Boogaloo Bois have been charged with attempting to conspire and become “assets” for Hamas, the Justice Department said on Friday. Hamas is designated by the U.S. as a terrorist organization, and the Boogaloo Bois is a loosely-connected group of far-right individuals who espouse a violent, anti-government ideology.

Michael Robert Solomon, 30, and Benjamin Ryan Teeter, 22, were taken into custody Thursday evening and made their first court appearance in Minneapolis on Friday.

“Michael Solomon and Benjamin Teeter proclaim themselves to be members of the Boogaloo Bois, a group that espouses a violent ideology and an objective to overthrow the government. The defendants believed their anti-U.S. government views aligned with those of Hamas, a foreign terrorist organization, and actively developed plans to carry out violence in Minnesota and elsewhere,” U.S. Attorney Erica H. MacDonald said in a statement.

According to the Justice Department, Solomon and Teeter were part of a subgroup of the Boogaloo Bois known as the Boojahideen that wants to overthrow the government and replace the police. The pair were two of the first charged under a new task force created in June by Attorney General William Barr to deal with anti-government extremism.

The Justice Department said the FBI initiated the investigation into Solomon and Teeter during protests in Minneapolis after George Floyd’s death.

The FBI openly admits that they used a confidential informant to entrap them:

The FBI received information in early June about Solomon, Teeter and other members of the Boogaloo Bois and Boojahideen through a confidential source who the defendants believed was a member of Hamas, the complaint said. Solomon and Teeter allegedly said their views lined up with Hamas, and offered themselves as “mercenaries” to generate cash and other funding for Hamas.

According to the complaint, Solomon and Teeter told the source and another individual they believed to be a member of Hamas, but who was really an FBI agent, about their alleged idea of destroying government monuments, raiding the headquarters of a White supremacist organization in North Carolina and targeting politicians and the media.

Solomon and Teeter also allegedly said they could manufacture unmarked parts for guns, creating untraceable and unregistered weapons. On July 30, they allegedly delivered five suppressors and expressed their desire to manufacture additional suppressors and fully-automatic weapons for Hamas. They allegedly tried to negotiate a price for five more suppressors.

It is astonishing that the public can read this and not be concerned about ethical issues.

We’ve all seen these “Boogaloo Boys” – the average IQ in these groups is probably around the same as the average IQ of Somalia.

Note that they were planning to raid “white supremacists” – the Boogaloo Boys are anti-white.

This whole thing was set up by the feds. I wrote about this all the way back in January, when the group was first emerging. I noted that the whole group appeared to have been totally manufactured, whole cloth, by the feds on Facebook. They were all posting these terrible, terrible memes about killing cops.

Obviously, if any of them get arrested, these horrible memes can be used in building a case against them.

The word “Boogaloo” isn’t funny. It just isn’t. It’s cringe and try-hardy.

And as if this wasn’t cringe and try-hardy enough, the fed neo-Nazis were also using “Boogaloo” in their memes.

Feds are all up in everything.

Apparently, right-wingers aren’t aware of this. Right-wingers just trust everyone, like little babies.

Most white nationalists are hardly any more intelligent than a Boogaloo Boy. They are intelligent enough to not agree to commit acts of violence after someone suggests it. But they’re not intelligent enough to realize that if the feds can’t get you to agree to violence, they’ll start doing other things to you.

I am continually shocked at how stupid right-wingers actually are.

I recently wrote a response on the Gamer Uprising forum to a person claiming that there are no feds in the right-wing at all, and anyone who suggests there are is a kooky conspiracy theorist. The person I was responding to there might actually be even stupider than a Boogaloo Boy.

I feel dehumanized by people who think that everything we’re doing is a joke, and that we should just assume that there is no federal cop involved.

Seriously: read this article about FBI documents about the procedure to use federal informants to change the beliefs of a group. They are doing that. They are actively trying to change your beliefs, by infiltrating you.

Now, look at what’s happened since Charlottesville: look at the way everyone’s beliefs have drastically shifted, seemingly for no reason, into all of these bizarre directions.

Here’s one of the key organizers of Charlottesville claiming that white nationalists share “big goals” with Black Lives Matter and Antifa:

Can you even imagine this?

This person is attempting to tell white nationalists that their identity as a white person is getting in the way of supporting the Antifa and BLM plan to destroy white history, tear down the United States, turn everyone into a tranny, overwhelm the country with brown people and abolish the nuclear family.

Richard Spencer, who is another person who was involved with Charlottesville, has endorsed Joe Biden.

It’s emotionally exhausting to even comprehend what has happened to the right-wing since Charlottesville.

The responsibility for all of this falls squarely on the FBI and even more so the cowardly leaders who were too pussy to stand up to them.