Moron Dystopia: Healthcare Workers Will be First to be Vaxx Mandated as the Walls Close In

Like everything about the globalist agenda, the vaccine rollout is a slow, creeping thing, coming at you from all angles as they close the doors on refusal using various forms of coercion.

Ultimately, mandates are in the pipe.

They’re going to start with healthcare workers, as they are the ones who know the most about healthcare, and thus the most likely to refuse the vaxx.

Remember that Anthony Fauci said that 40-50% of the employees at the National Institutes of Health were refusing the vaxx. He didn’t say why, but it’s obvious that people who work in medicine understand the risks better than people in other professions.

The media won’t acknowledge that he said that. He said it in May, and not one single journalist asked him about it.


Hospitals and other health care facilities should require their employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19, a coalition of seven organizations representing medical professionals said Tuesday.

“The Covid-19 vaccines in use in the United States have been shown to be safe and effective,” said David Weber, a professor of medicine at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and lead author of the statement.

“By requiring vaccination as a condition of employment we raise levels of vaccination for healthcare personnel, improve protection of our patients, and aid in reaching community protection. As healthcare personnel, we’re committed to these goals.”

The statement was organized by the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) and signed by the Infectious Diseases Society of America and five other groups.

It followed an eight-week review of evidence on the three vaccines authorized for use in the United States, vaccination rates, and employment law.

According to a statement by SHEA, research prior to the pandemic showed that rates of routine vaccinations among healthcare providers were suboptimal.

“For flu vaccination, when healthcare employers instituted policies of influenza vaccination as a condition of employment, compliance rose to 94.4 percent compared to 69.6 percent in organizations without a requirement,” it said.

Despite having among the highest supplies of vaccines in the world, the United States is struggling to convince the vaccine- hesitant to roll up their arms.

President Joe Biden had set a goal of at least partly vaccinating 70 percent of adults by July 4, and as of Tuesday, the figure was still only 67.7 percent.

I have a hard time believing it is 67.7%. That’s the number they’re throwing around this week, but it’s been making big gains, according to them, since July started. They will obviously lie about anything.

On Sunday, Fauci said it’s “inexplicable” that anyone would refuse this deadly vaxx.

Of course, no journalist will ask why 40-50% of his own staff are refusing. That’s what’s inexplicable – the complacency of this media.

Fauci yesterday was going around talking about the “boosters” and the media was framing it in terms of “when will we get these boosters, Tony?????”

They’re now just redoing the vaxx narrative for the boosters. They’re already doing it. Saying we have to wait for the booster.

They are going to lock you down in the fall and tell you it’s a variant and the vaxx doesn’t work, and that we need more science before we can get the booster.

They’re also going to claim that the “variants” are the fault of the unvaxxed. They’re already saying this – the unvaxxed serve as vectors to create “new variants.”

They don’t have to explain how any of this works.