Morning Joe: Trump Team “Might Go to Jail for the Rest of Their Lives”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2017

Morning Joe was long thought to be the nuttiest fruitcake in the fruitcake aisle at your local grocery store: but he’s got nothing on his wife and co-host Mika.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Again, they didn’t lie about their contacts with the UAE or the contacts with the Saudis or contacts with Japan or the contacts of China. They didn’t lie about the contacts with everybody during the transition or during the campaign, but they always lied about their contacts with Russia… You know, the campaign — Trump didn’t think he was going to win even on Election Day.

But it was all about money. It was all about making contacts. We’ve said this before. But the most remarkable thing about it is that even now that he’s president, it’s still all about money. Like, he’s not sitting there thinking what Barack Obama or George W. Bush or Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan thought. Like, what is my legacy going to be? He’s thinking every day, ‘How can I leverage this so when I get out of the White House I can make even more money?’

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Knowing them, I think they’re shocked that the noose is tightening. I don’t know if they were arrogant or just incredibly un-self-aware and really dumb about what the job was about, how important it was, and how under the microscope every move you made would be. I think they just thought they’d go in there and flimflam and riff through it.

And I think they’re shocked that the noose is tightening and that people might go to jail for the rest of their lives.

SCARBOROUGH: What’s gotten them where they are right now, Josh, is a gross misunderstanding of the rules of Washington, the laws surrounding public service and constitutional norms. Coupled with the arrogance of New York developers thinking — and I know, I talk to them — thinking people in Washington were just dumb local yokels, and they — ‘Just get out of our way. Listen, listen, you guys have had your opportunity, and you guys — come on. You’re just a bunch of hicks in Washington D.C. Let the big city developers come in and we’re going to show you.’ They wouldn’t listen to anybody, and they stumbled into one possible crime after another possible crime. And then Donald Trump goes into his mode. He thinks taking on Bob Mueller is the same as taking on Rosie O’Donnell. No, I’m dead serious.

He does. He thinks, ‘This worked with Rosie. I’ll do with this Comey. I’ll do this with Mueller.’ He has no idea that he’s going down.

This is the brain of the liberal kooks right now.

They are just telling themselves at any moment the whole thing is going to come down. Maybe some of the Jews at the New York Times or at think tanks or whatever do not believe this and just tell it to people, but clearly the frontline kooks such as those on Morning Joe genuninely believe it.

Certainly your average kook on the street believes this.