Morning Joe Claims Trump’s Jerusalem Speech Proves He has Dementia

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 8, 2017

Morning Joe is doubling down on his theory that Donald Trump has dementia. He claims that a couple of slurred words during Trump’s Jerusalem speech prove his theory.

Seriously? A couple of misspoken words doesn’t equate to someone having dementia. If that were the case, then I could claim that every Black member of Congress is suffering from dementia. Most of them can’t read or speak properly. There’s all sorts of video evidence proving this. Take for example Al Green reading the articles of impeachment against Trump he proposed on the House floor the other day. Using the standard Morning Joe has set, he definitely has dementia.

It’d be one thing if Trump fainted or had to be assisted into an automobile like Hillary Clinton did during the campaign. That would obviously be a concern. This just appears to be a case of Trump having a dry mouth or dry throat.

The White House has already said that Trump would undergo a physical early next year. This proves that he’s not hiding anything and if he has any medical problems they will be found during the physical.

Morning Joe has the look of a nervous man. The harder he goes after Trump the more likely it is that he had something to do with that dead intern found in his office. 

Morning Joe is only pushing this insanity because he’s angry that Trump brought up the issue of the dead intern.

As many of you already know (although a lot of people do not), a 28-year-old female intern was found dead behind a desk in Morning Joe’s office back in 2001 – allegedly from head trauma after falling down randomly. Although it was ruled an “accident,” the investigation was weird and some believe Morning Joe had something to do with the intern’s death. This is information Morning Joe wants people to forget.

But hey: having the murder of a female intern (or complicity in covering up a murder, or whatever) held over your head sure would make you a loyal shill, would it not? And Morning Joe certainly is a loyal shill.

We can probably expect to see equally if not more crazy anti-Trump theories from Morning Joe over the weeks and months to come. Morning Joe is an unhinged man who has a platform on national television. This strange situation is undoubtedly the fault of Jews.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.