Morning Joe Claims Trump Has Dementia And Will Start a Nuclear War

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2017

Morning Joe Scarborough, like many hosts on MSNBC, is an unhinged lunatic who should be permanently placed in a mental hospital. It is amazing that these crazy people have been given a platform to rant their madness on national television.

This morning, Scarborough delivered a hysterical and rambling diatribe claiming that Donald Trump was suffering from dementia and that he would start a nuclear war. He also demanded that the cabinet remove Trump from office citing the 25th Amendment.

Trump had just called out Morning Joe for the fishy business surrounding a dead intern who was discovered in his Congressional office back in the early 2000s. There are many who believe that Morning Joe was involved in her death.

Morning Joe was no doubt upset that Trump mentioned this to his millions of Twitter followers. That’s why he decided to deliver such an insanely ridiculous rant. There are no signs that Trump has dementia or ill health. This is a man who has kept an extremely rigorous schedule as President. His numerous speeches and banter with the fake news media have shown conclusively that he is far sharper than the average person.

Morning Joe is a fool and a hack. Prior to Trump winning the Republican nomination for President, his press coverage of Trump was neutral to marginally positive. They were ordered by MSNBC management to shift gears and attack Trump 24/7 shortly after. Morning Joe and his girlfriend Mika have 100 percent complied. These are people who have sold their souls for their million dollar paychecks. One look at their faces and you can see that this is the case.