Mormons Refuse to Teach Consent Theory in High School

“Consent Theory” is effectively a religious dogma. It is an incoherent concept, which is totally incompatible with a species that reproduces sexually.

However, it is also now at the core of our legal system, following the verdict of the Harvey Weinstein trial. So, I guess it is important for young men to know that they can be sent to prison if they have sex with a woman and she decides at any point afterward that she wants him to go to prison.

If a woman tells the authorities that there was no “consent” involved with the sex, and in her mind she was feeling that she didn’t like it, even if she did not inform you of this, you are legally a rapist, and you have to go to prison.

I personally think teenage boys need to be made aware of this fact. They could teach “critical consent theory.” But the fact is, this is now our legal system, and it isn’t intuitive.

The Guardian:

Despite chronic struggles with sexual violence in Utah, lawmakers in the state have rejected legislation that would have changed the state’s health education curriculum to teach consent and prevent unwanted sexual behavior.

The legislation, called HB177, was defeated by Utah’s house education committee by a vote of 7-4.

The bill’s defeat was part of a larger conservative pushback across America. Some politicians argue, wrongly, that consent instruction teaches students it is OK to have sex, said Jennifer Driver, senior director of reproductive rights at the State Innovation Exchange.

It’s actually closer to the opposite of that, in fact.

If they’re trying to prevent boys from wanting to have sex, there is no greater motivator than teaching applied consent theory.

But “that is not what consent means,” Driver said, and informing young people about sex education and consent is necessary to protect them. “When you don’t teach sex education, when you’re not teaching about consent, you actually are putting young people at harm – in harm’s way,” she said.

I agree with that also.

Young men need to know that as soon as they have sex with a woman, they are turning over all power over their entire life to that woman, forever.

In Utah, parents must opt in for their child to participate in sex education classes. The bill would have also mandated instruction on coercion, sexual violence behavior deterrence, and sexual assault mitigation as part of sex education instruction for students in grades seven to 12.

State representative Carol Spackman Moss, a Democrat who sponsored the legislation, said the bill would have updated the state’s sex ed curriculum to include information about consent, which the bill defines as “freely given, informed, and knowledgeable agreement” either “to do something” or “for something to happen”.

It probably doesn’t include the fact that this “consent” can be withdrawn decades later. The Mormons could include that part.

It would have taught students how to understand and communicate other people’s boundaries without shaming victims. And it would have provided “sexual assault resource strategies” for survivors, who could use them “to address the physical and psychological effects of sexual assault”.

“This is to give kids tools, and it all has to do with giving them the language and knowing that you have rights,” Moss told the Guardian. “It’s so commonsense.”


Women have a right to accuse men of rape, at any time, because they have defined a sexual encounter as rape – even if the woman did not indicate it was rape at the time, or herself think it was rape at the time.

She can discover later that it was rape, and you have to go to prison.

In recent years, the #MeToo movement has brought awareness to sexual misconduct in all corners of the United States and underscored much-needed conversations about consent. Yet it has simultaneously revealed how many people – including adults – misunderstand the concept, and the real-world implications of that ignorance.

No one on earth understands the concept, because it is incoherent, and also constantly shifting.

Boys should know.

This is the biggest argument for celibacy that would be a true game changer in the world of Christian values.

Mormons might be weird. In fact they are weird. But I’ve always found them to be honest people. And according to them, they believe in Jesus Christ.

They have a duty to their young men to explain to them the existential threat of consent theory.