More Than 36 Hours After Images of Elle Reeve’s Filipino B&E Emerge, Zero Media Covering It

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 20, 2019

The level of media control in America is cartoonish and absurd, and it is evidenced as much by their refusal to cover topics as it is by the topics that they do choose to cover.

It has been over 36 hours since 8chan tweeted out images showing HBO/VICE journalist Elle Reeve and her Jewish producer Lani Levin apparently breaking into the site’s owner’s home in the Philippines.

8chan has been a huge news item ever since the New Zealand mosque attack, given that the shooter, Brenton Tarrant, posted his manifesto on the site.

Elle Reeve is herself a news item, given that she is a celebrity journalist. She was one of the most prominent figures covering the 2017 Charlottesville event, which was the biggest news story of that year, and she was given a Peabody Award for the documentary she produced about the event.

Furthermore, both Reeve and her producer have shut down their social media accounts following Watkins’ report that he had informed the police about their allegedly having broken into his home, indicating that they may be on the run from the Filipino police.

Everything about this situation screams “MAJOR NEWS ITEM” – even if the coverage was simply to debunk the claims made by 8chan.

Are the pictures of Reeve and her producer, with a cameraman, outside of Watkins’ home faked? Is Reeve not in the Philippines, and is her decision to lock her Twitter account unrelated to this situation? If so, then that is in itself a pretty significant and interesting news story.

And yet we have zero mention of any of this from any media outlet.

If you type “Elle Reeve” into Google News, you get only a post from One Angry Gamer.

Furthermore, neither HBO nor VICE – nor Reeve herself nor any of her crew – has issued a statement on any of this.

What is going on?

Are Reeve and her VICE News crew actually on the run from the Filipino police after having broken into the home of a political dissident?

How is this not news?